Calmin Rosacea Redness Reducing Day Cream


Thank you to all our customers who have contributed to our fabulous testimonials

This site is run by - and dedicated to - men & women, young and old with rosacea prone skin and those with sensitive and easily irritated skin. Our aim is to offer support and understanding both to fellow sufferers and their families. We hope that by reading these emails collected over the years that you will see that you are not alone, that thousands of others all over the world have similar experiences, hopes and fears.

Of course after my years of battling Rosacea, years of searching for answers and testing of skin care ingredients on my own skin, we like to shout about our own success and so I hope you don't mind the prominence given to a small selection of testimonials for our Calmin products...

Customer Emails:

I also thought I'd let you know how I feel about the products. Feel free to use any of this on your web site if you want I have had roscea for many years, initially without knowing what it was, just that I had very reactive skin, flushing for days at a time and hot dry burning skin on my cheeks. Also my cheeks were very puffy and prone to red lumps. I was very unhappy and self concious about my face. One of the worst things was people's reaction to my condition with complete strangers staring at me and even coming up to ask "are you all right?" and "whats wrong with your face?"

After doing research on the web, I asked my doctor for treatment for rosacea. He told me it wasn't rosacea, because if it was "my nose would be swollen and lumpy" - Honestly!!!! He told me it was menopause hot flushes! I was 36!!

When I first received the Calmin products I immediately started a split face trial of the redness reducing cream and the night cream. (I don't like to try too many new things at once). I used the redness cream twice a day and the night cream every night on the right side of my face only. I'm also taking minoxydil tablets from a more sympathetic GP. Within a few days I noticed that the right side of my face was less puffy and the skin was much cooler to the touch. Over the next few days the treated skin became smoother and the enlarged pores seem smaller. The right side is consistently cooler and less red than the left side. My face now looks slimmer on the right side becuse the puffiness is so much better. When I get hot my face has always become very red, with the redness lasting several days. After using Calmin for 2 weeks the redness is less and the skin also recovers faster. I have placed an order for more of the redness day cream and the night cream. I wouln't want to be without it now!

Thanks a lot Kevin

Best wishes


I have been meaning to write to you for several months. Having read some of the testimonials on your site this evening, I thought I should add my own.

Over the last seven years my skin deteriorated badly, to the point where I was wearing heavy makeup continuously, getting through huge quantities of concealer. Spots, raw red patches, flaking skin... I was extremely conscious of how I looked, having always had good skin up until then. I finally went to the doctor, was diagnosed with Acne Rosacea and put on antibiotics, which cleared up the underlying infections but did nothing for my skin condition. I spent a fortune on every brand of skin care product - with 'sales consultants' for all the major brands assuring me that their cream or lotion would clear my skin - nothing worked. After the birth of my third child, while on maternity leave, I had time to surf around on the internet looking at sites about Acne and skin problems - I was determined to try and sort my skin out. I discovered a reference to your products and decided to give them a try. They are cheaper than anything I've used on my skin since my twenties and they are miraculous! Within days there was a significant improvement. Within a month my skin was completely clear. Today, nearly a year on, my skin is..... perfect! I still have the odd wrinkle (although there are less of those too) but no outbreaks, no red patches, no flaking skin. I have been recommending your products to everyone who I think might benefit. Please don't ever stop making them!


Hello again.

Just wanted to email you with my continued appreciation of the service from yourselves.I have been using the three step calmin for about 6 weeks now and have been amazed at how well my skin has been feeling.I had a small outbreak last week but it only lasted a few days and as soon as I soothed it with the three steps twice a day I felt instant relief.I reordered the face wash and mosturiser and added the calmin night time treatment as the day calmin has lasted well and didn't need reordered at the moment.

The order arrived within three days and the night cream is great.The level of service and little extras (the sample pack of cotton pads) are very appreciated.I finally feel I have found a range of products that manage and control my rosacea while caring well for my skin.

With continued pleasure at using your site and products thank you so much.

Regards Morag


I just wanted to write and say a big thank you! I discovered your Calmin products whilst browsing another site and thought I would give your site a look. I'm so glad that I did.
I'm usually very sceptical about buying products over the internet, but I read quite a few of the testimonials and thought I would give your products a try.

What can I say other than that they are fantastic! They really are the first products I have used on my skin that haven't left it dry, red or too oily.
The difference in my complexion is amazing.My skin feels 'normal' again. I no longer have red cheeks that made me look as if I'm constantly embarrased, it's taken the heat out of my cheeks that I used to get in extremes of temperatures and the little spots I used to get on my cheeks have gone too.

I'll be recommending it to my mum who also has extremely sensitive skin and has tried various products that haven't really had an effect.

I'd also like to thank you for sending the leaflet containing dietary advice. Since cutting porridge out of my diet (which was hard as I love it) I don't get the heat rash I used to get on my cheeks.

Anyway, thanks for creating the products and I'll definitely be ordering more when I run out.


Hello Kevin,

I just wanted to say "thank you" for the cleanser and sun protecting cream.

I have only just been diagnosed and the doctor just gave me antibiotics and NO ADVICE.

After looking on the internet and purchasing your products I was at the end of my teather and hardly left the house for fear of people staring at my red, spotty, itchy skin.

As soon as I used the cleanser my face felt so soft (usually it was dry and tight straight away) and I have only had one spot in the 4 weeks that I have been using the cleanser and cream as instructed.

i have also changed my diet as recommended in you leaflet that came with the products and everything seems to be fine.

I realise that this is an ongoing battle but at least my skin is back to normal (in fact better than before as i always thought i had adult acne and blushed alot).

I have ordered 3 more sets of product as I dont know what I would do if i ran out!

Kind Regards


I just wanted to say thankyou from the bottom of my heart for CALMIN i have been a rosacea sufferer for over ten years now it began just after my son was born, my skin through that period had been awful beginning with a small patch on one cheek and side of my nose it gradually spread to both cheeks, the last 2 years has seen it at its worst, for someone who was always complimented about there lovley skin!!! its been very hard and depressing at times i suffered from very painful pustules and red bumps which took a long time to heal But!!!!!! now i have been using CALMIN for the last week my skin i would say is 90% healed the redness is fading to a slight blush even the scarring is fading i'm just so thrilled i had to write to you i will be buying more Calmin products in the near future, once again Thankyou.

Kind Regards

Julie in Birmingham

Hello Thanks for sending the products so quickly - my skin is going from strength to strength and is at least 70% better than before I used your products. You might want to mention on the website that the remarkable reduction in redness happened for me when I started to use your products EXCLUSIVELY as opposed to using up a bit of other moisturiser and other cleanser at the same time......
Thanks and kind regards,



Just wanted to say a very big thank you for your prompt delivery of CALMIN Ultra Mild Cleanser and EPC Moisturising cream. Your products have done more for me in the last two days than the Metrosa Gel has done in two and half weeks! The redness has gone down and certainly doesn't feel as burny - thank you so much. Going to order your camouflage concealer foundation, which I received a sample of and was excellent.

Cheers and keep up the good work!


I've always been sceptical about testimonies praising magic creams and lotions etc but going from your professionalism in such a prompt, intelligent response to my enquiry alone I can see myself actually joining in some time in the future, because if the effectiveness of EPC cream matches your willingness to help a complete stranger (with answers
below) before I've even put an order in - I already have confidence in it.
Order following by post. Many thanks for your comments - some of them so obvious when pointed out, yet it took somebody pointing out the obvious to make me really stop and think, and I will finally get around to taking long overdue action in getting medical advice for accompanying problem.
Best wishes, Geraldine

Dear KCN Skincare,

As promptly as I have received your cleanser and moisture cream I am penning back with some feedback because I am quite truly bowled over. I received your products at 10a.m. (extremely quickly after placing the order on Wednesday evening.) I looked at them with caution this morning before I used them because I am fed up with products promising the earth and leaving me with a bright red, rashy, bumpy, sore, patchy, burning skin!!!

I reserved the pleasure of using them until after doing my housework and having a shower, only about 2 hours ago - and when I have now come to look at myself again in the mirror I am quite amazed at how "normal" I look.

As my Mum, Dad and Husband keep telling me - I used to have a peachy skin and I am not sure what went wrong. When I hit thirty I became rashy, red, patchy and sore. Not spotty - I am sure you know yourself - little tiny blisters popping up to the surface of the skin accompanied by an angry red rash.

I have tried everything - expensive and inexpensive products, which must have cost me a fortune over the last 4 years.

Every time I see my parents they study me and shake their heads, wondering if they will ever see me looking like I used to. I can confirm that this morning, after using your products I look almost back to my old self - after only one application. Can't wait to cleanse and reapply this evening!!!

First off, the products calm the skin immediately when they go on - and I have no burning. They also smell deliciously pure and clean, and are the perfect texture. I do now have a phobia about putting anything thick or heavy on my face, and your creams are as light as a feather.

Being a business person myself, I am not sure how much of a commerical enterprise you have got going with your products. However, I really do think you should shout them from the
rooftops. I certainly will.

If you put any of my feedback on your website, I would like to say that any sceptical person sitting out there reading it, and wondering whether to risk another product on their face as well as the possible anticipation and then disappointment that brings should absolutely try it.

I know I am gushing (and still reserve the right to apply for my refund if it all goes pear shaped over the next few days), but I really did want to thank you so far and voice another vote of confidence for your product.

Best regards


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Dear Kevin Thank you for the samples. I have run out already and can't wait to receive the full bottles that I have ordered today.I am sure you are aware that rosacea makes you miserable but the most miserable thing about it is trying to find a range of products that stop the irritation and inflammation. I have only been diagnosed with rosacea over the last six months so having such sensitive skin is new to me although I have had problems with spots on and off for years. Three days ago, my face looked like I was burnt or had bad eczema - pretty scabby and pretty demoralising too. As soon as I started using your products, my skin felt different - the peeling has gone down a lot and started to flake off revealing healthy skin underneath - this is after just two applications (1 day)! For two weeks before this breakout, I had been using VERY expensive lotions and potions and none of them worked like these do. These products are superior. Over the last few months, I have paid a FORTUNE on the most luxurious and respected dermatology products in beauty parlours and beauty halls, high-class shops (and low-class ones) to find the product that was going to heal my sore and raw skin. What a waste of time and money! Your cleanser is a godsend and your SPF cream isn't greasy and has minimal shine, your foundation smells divine and just goes straight on even without a moisturiser: it doesn't clog and leaves the skin feeling and looking radiant without that horrible oily look that is so hard to avoid with other products. I think if I carry on using your products, my skin problems are going to vanish (with or without Tetracycline). I wish I had known about your products years ago, I am sure it would have acted as a preventative - please get the products sent to me immediately! Thanks a lot Kind regards,


I am a sufferer of Rosacea and have been for about seven years.

I began using Calmin just over a month ago after finding your web site, straight away I noticed a difference and as time went on the redness became less and less pronounced making me feel a whole lot better in myself. My skin feels soft and most of the time calm and soothed and I am not so subconscious anymore. I was so happy to find something that was going to help my condition. From my diet I have cut out Caffeine, chocolate and most importantly Niacin. I do still get flushing (but not as bad as before) mostly at work and at the moment I can't quite work out what the cause is because it doesn't happen all the time - but I will keep experimenting. Can you give me any tips on what other products can cause the flushing? I have the list you sent me, in it you mentioned Tuna Fish but looking at the label it does not mention Niacin or anything like that so that makes me think there are other food products out there that may contain the flushing agent but which don't state it on the label.

Can I just ask - can items like shampoo and body spray cause flushing? I have stopped using my usual body spray and have bought an alcohol free perfume from Body Shop. But I still use my usual shampoo and anti-perspirant.

In the meantime I would just like to say thank you for your help and advice and I look forward to continued use of your products.

Thank you


No problem at all! You don't know what a difference finding a product that agrees with my skin means to me! I am currently temping in a GP's office and a patient called up telling me that she had rosacea. She told me it was getting worse. I couldn't tell her about your products as I was being monitored by a really strict manager but I kept her number and am hoping to call her and give her your details. Rosacea is so demoralising so if I can spread the word, why not? I've spent the last week indoors as my face was so red I couldn't go out (and it was my birthday!). I am happy to let people know about your website if it stops the misery of rosacea. Hope it is not so drizzly when you read this! Kind regards,


Hi Kevin

Thank you for your kind response. I do appreciate it. I received the foundation on Friday and I am really delighted with it. I have also used the cream sample which I find very soothing.
I will definitely be placing another order.

Many thanks


Thank you very much for your excellent products which I have been using now for one month.

My skin has never felt this comfortable for years, although I am at present also taking antibiotics for 3 months from the doctor.

Despite always using expensive products, I always felt as though my face had an allergic "crawling" feeling, and although the skin felt tight and dry, if I used moisturising creams, I developed spots.

Now, since starting with your products, I'm delighted to say all the blotchiness has gone, and I have got moist (but not greasy) comfortable skin again.

Once again "THANK YOU"

ps. Could I please have a sample of your foundation cream no. 1.

regards Vivienne

male 42years old thanks for calmin cream given back my confidence to face the world

Dear Kevin & Cecilia,

i'm an italian rosacea sufferer and i just started using your products, wich i find very helpful and effective...i have to admit this is the best threatment i've ever tried..... Davide


Im just writing to say....your product is a miracle! You best never go bust because i need what your selling.....Im a 20 year old, I got rosacea about a year and half hit me really badly and my cheeks came out in a really itchy rash which came out all scabby and it was takin over my face, it got to the point i never went out because i looked a mess and i dint want people to see me, and its not like you can hide your face...all the treatments i got from doctors didnt work at all, it made it worse if anything..except for some steroid cream which did work but only temporarily, and i hear if you use it too much anyway then you ruin your skin that way.
Iv tried everything, numerous products off the internet but nothing....then i found calmin!
Now my skin is looking amazing and im full of confidence!




Have just put in an order for more calmin moisturiser and wonder if you could send me a sample of the above concealer? I do have use make up for sensitive skin, but am always looking for different/ better.

Many thanks and look forward to my order arriving-- touch wood, my skin has been really good ( I do have IPL treatment annually, too)



Hi Kevin, thank you for the excellent service.

Thank you for your advice, I have seen a doctor and

rosacea was confirmed, and the cream has been a great

help since I have been using it.

Best wishes


Hi Kevin

I got it!

Thank you, making such a difference already!



I really can't thank you enough not only for your information but for the time and trouble you have taken to answer me.

Very best wishes,


Thank you so very much Kevin you are truely a very compassioniate person


Hi Kevin,

I feel compelled to write having sat from 11.30 - 1.00pm last night reading your site with tears running uncontrollably down my face. The relief in finding that so many other people have been through/are going through what I am is overwhelming.

Rosacea started with me this time last year because (as a homeopathic doctor told me) I was wrongly prescribed hydrocortisone cream for my face - and rosacea is a side effect. I have though always blushed easily and am pale skinned. I went to him after 4 full months of a bright red cheek which then started on the other side. I think it must have been a severe case as it oozed (as well as all the other tightness, redness, bumps, itchiness) which I haven't seen anyone else on your site mention. One day in work I vomited after lunch and I truly believe it was because I was so emotionally exhausted with the rosacea. The homeopathic doctor (who I saw the next day) prescribed a Dr Reckeweg remedy called R23 along with pulsatilla powders. Results were obvious after a week and shortly after it cleared completely. This was about Feb/March I think.

After being completely CLEAR all summer it has now reappeared with a VENGENCE - today my right cheek is actually swollen and I am drained after crying more in 1and half hrs last night than ever before. I am so down at the moment because the R23 which I've started again isn't working. I've written an e-mail to the homeopathic doctor to ask his opinion as I cannot afford yet another appointment (I was there 2/3 wks ago). I had vowed never to go back to the traditional doctor as I don't think they really care. However, at my wits end, I went last wk & basically told the nurse practitioner to give me Metrogel as she hadn't a clue. It's not working either.
I'm sorry this is so long - it's been great just to put this all down in writing, I don't blame you if you drop off to sleep (or have already!)

I'm going to be a faithful reader and contributor to your site for the near future - I can't get over your dedication to this problem that so few people seem to know about or understand. I am determined that I am not going to bring my mum & boyfriend down with me this time - they went through a lot with me last time.

Thank you for just listening - Kevin, it's obvious you are such a caring person and you should tell your wife she's very lucky.

(Please could you just print my first name on the site - I'm happy for you to use all or any bit of this mail)
Dear KCN skincare

i'm so tired of this redness, i can't take it much longer. it started in november w/ little red, itchy bumps then the hot redness on my cheeks and nose. i've went to 3 different dermatologists, tried metrogel and lotion,
sulfur based lotions, cortosteroids, and different oral antibiotics. the sulfur lotion caused a terrible reaction and i have those red pustules all over my forehead and cheeks. i just broke up w/ my girlfriend of a year (i'm too
embarassed to see her anymore). i'm in law school and my grades are shit cause i skip class when it looks bad (all the time). i can't deal anymore! i'm 25 and before november i hadn't had any real pimple problem since 10th grade. Its amazing how bad this has made my life, i'm actually crying right now. i don't think i
want to live like this. Tim

Timothy you are not alone I have been there - we all understand your
feelings and reactions are perfectly normal to an incredibly difficult
situation. I left college what 20 years ago and have had the same
difficulties with relationships, jobs etc as you find - I became seriously
depressed 7 years ago and believe me you don't want to make the
same mistake I did then of just because I couldn't solve the problem or see
anyway out and things were terrible and unbearable from all sorts of aspects
of my life - many of them knock on effects of rosacea - that I thought no I
new things would never get better and life would never be worth living, I
was wrong it has taken years to get back on my feet but I deeply regret that
period in my life. You are a brave man fighting and battling against
overwhelming odds - do not underestimate yourself. You must go back to your
Doctor and hand him/her a print out of your email - and ask about medications that may help flushing. I shall print below the instructions I send with my orders with details about
trigger factors and I would also suggest trying our sensitive skin care products. Ask your Doctor to sign you off sick for a while and try to find some relaxation technique
that appeals to you, hypnotherapy is great. Get back in touch shortly ok?
best wishes and take care Kevin

I just wanted to write and let you know how much you have helped me with
my rosacea, Firstly you internet site is absolulety brilliant and it gave me a lot of
help just by reading it. I have now been using the products you supplied for
1 week and already I am seeing an improvement like I have never seen before,The
change is fantastic, The document you send out regarding triggers has also been very
usefull and has helped my pinpioint a few I wouldn't have thought about before. My
rosacea hasn't gone completely but its only been a week and already I am happy
with the result.

I cannot begin to say how much I appriciate the effect that you have put
into helping others, I'm sure you have made a difference to a great number of
people and I would recommending you site to anyone with similar problems.

If you wish I will keep you updated as to how I am doing over the next
couple of

Thanks again

Hi Richard
I am absolutely delighted with your email, you've made my day thank you and
when the going gets tough I'll shall remember your letter and it'll pick me
up in turn. Yes please keep me updated the instructions I send out with
orders is only my experience if I can incorporate others findings into the
instructions or onto the site it will increase the potential benefits to
Thank you again Richard
best wishes and take care

Ive suffered(and I dont use that lightly) from acne for the past 5 years and
its left me completely insecure and unconfident to the point that I dont
have a life! I rarely leave my house and have little social contact because
when I look at other people I always feel like they are disgusted or just
want to point and laugh.This is probably because that is what my family and
friends did when IT started to appear so I would love to hear from anyone
who understands the emotional impact of acne and can lend some support!! Im
a 19 year old guy from Ireland and would appreciate any comments.
My reply Hiya M8

Boy do I know exactly how you feel, I have been there myself and became withdrawn depressed and thought life was not worth living, I was wrong and now I have a great job and a great family although I am still affected by my skin condition which is now rosacea as I 'grew out of acne' doh!!!!

Please write down exactly how you feel about your acne, how it effects you, socially, with relationships, getting employment or education (I know I've been there with the lot), copy your email to it too, print it out and take it to your Doctor and insist on proper prescribed medication, there are prescribed medications that will help you including Isotretinoin if your acne is bad but you will need to be referred to a dermatologist for this and as your skin is affecting your life so much I think your Doctor should refer you to a Dermatologist.

I've attached the list of my rosacea trigger factors which is a different condition to acne vulgaris but it may be of interest and I can't recommend a book I'm reading at the moment enough that's called Overcoming depression by Paul Gilbert (details on the attachement)

As to your so called friends they are ignorant ****'s and not worth getting upset about, ignore them.

Take the best of care and best wishes


I have had rosacea building up over the years most likely from sun damage.
The beauty therapist said that's what it was. I could put up with it as
only on my cheeks but now I have developed the acne vulgaris too. I am going through menopause.
I have been reading people's letters about how great the aloe vera
treatment has been.
I would like you to recommend which products you think would be most
helpful for me.
Thanks for your help
Hi Kate my personal opinion is as follows (and remember I'm not a Doctor):

menopause can be a trigger for rosacea, as hormonal changes and the
accompanying hot flushes trigger flare ups (a general worsening of
symptoms), perhaps you could ask your Doctor about any medications to
address this.

For rosacea your Doctor may prescribe antibiotics either oral or topical, there are also light and laser treatments although these can run into hundreds if not thousands of pounds.

From our products I would try the new CALMIN regimen and have a look at the
list of trigger factors I send with it that I find trigger my rosacea,
avoidance of your major triggers may help your skin. Skincare products are
not cure's for rosacea (no matter what the foreign websites say), but my
customers report help with spots, flakiness, itching, redness,
cleansing of impurities without irritation etc and protective help from some further

Sunlight may be a trigger and can certainly damage your skin with or without rosacea.

If I can help further please let me know. Kevin

Hey kcn,

It's L again. I'm still taking the tetracycline but my rosacea just gets worse everyday. We just got back in school again from christmas break and I realize now that I took for granted the 3 weeks away from most anything that could aggravate my rosacea and anyone who could see it. It takes me about an hour to get to school and I swim after school to so my day away from the perfectly blind walls of my house turns out to be much to long. My rosacea is aggravated by the intense workout and my face is dried by the chlorine so I walk out feeling like a sundried tomatoe. It sounds funny, and it obviously seems funny to a lot of people at school but it's actually very physically (not to mention emotionaly) painful. I feel torn because everything that I've read always says to avoid hard workouts, but I can't give up swimming and the team. I guess that no matter how embarassing it is I'll just have to do my best to ignore it. It's getting more prickly and itchy all the time and it's starting to feel more like a permanent sunburn rather than just frequent heated blushes. It's realy hard to have rosacea as a teen, as you must know, because no body my age realy knows that it's a disease so they just think it's some funny fluke, which means that their not afraid to talk about it right in front of your ever reddening face. I suppose if they just understood what it was about then they would be more sensitive, but I've tried explaining and they just can't understand that it's realy just a tough skin disease like acne vulgaris. The sad thing is that last summer I probably wouldn't have understood it either even if some sufferer tried to explain. I hope people will someday mature enough to atleast be semi-sensitive. I can't wait, because sometimes i can almost force myself to forget it until some helpful onlooker makes sure that I know the red condition of my face (as if I'd never looked in a mirror.) Am I right in thinking that you had rosacea as a young teen? If so, what treatments did you find effective at that "time of change"?, and - How did you deal with friends, girls etc.... while you had rosacea? Sorry for the length. You know, I realy appreciate all you've done for me.

Thanks a lot, l.
Hi L great to hear off you again. I believe I started with rosacea at about 15 although it's hard to tell as I also had bad acne vulgaris then. Your email is very brave and inspiring in fact I'm going to put it on the readers emails (anonymously) now. I'm afraid I didn't do as well as you at that age, my family found it difficult to talk about things and it wasn't until I started this website a few years ago that I became able to talk about the condition.

You are so right in what you say about the insensitivity and ignorance of those that ridicule. rosacea is a disease and we deserve respect for dealing with this underated, underdiagnosed and extremely difficult condition that destroys lives and leaves emotional scars for life.

We have a new CALMIN Environmental Protective Cream now, it has a number of ingredients which include a micronised form of Zinc Oxide bonded to a protective silicone as well as the main ingredient aloe vera, borage seed oil, vitamin e, blackcurrant seed oil, high in antioxicants two U.V. filters etc etc, you may wish to try the CALMIN EPC cream and see if it helps as a barrier to the swimming pool water, if you do Please let me know how you get on with it. I do find that applying it prior to exercise does help me and I find it helps combat the cold winds and icy rain when walking daily in all weathers (not that that's exactly an extreme workout such as yours of course, but I do lift a few weights which I use'd to find was a trigger).

best wishes and take care and I wish you all the best for the New Year


Dear Kevin

If I purchase the cleanser and gel does that mean I will not need to use my rosex gel?

Is this correct : I cleanse and then apply the aloe pura gel to the effected areas, replacing the rosex gel.

If so what do I use as a facial lotion then?

Cheers Nat

Hi Nat

I have to be responsible in the advice I give out as I am not medically qualified in any way and you are under the supervision of your Doctor for a medical condtion for which you have been prescribed medication. Your Doctor is the only one who knows your actual medical condition, what medications your are on etc and your Doctor is the one to look to for advice as to your Rosex gel.

What I can say is that we have had not reports of interactions between any of our skin care products and Rosex gel.

Sorry I can’t be of more help but I’m sure you will understand it’s a complex situation, unfortunately there are no easy answers.

Best wishes


Dear Sir/Madam,

I hope you can help me as I really don't know where to turn. I have been diagnosed with rosacea after what appears to be a "reaction" to chinese medicine I took 12 months ago. It has changed my life. I am on antibiotics twice a day, my skin on my face looks like dandruff. I can't wear black as the flakes go on my clothes. I seem to flush really easily. I have tried every cream the experts recommend to no avail. Aqueous Creme BP seems to stop me going red but makes my skin critically dry, E45 seems to soften it but makes it red and I have tried everything else you can name! Please, please - any advice is welcome. I no longer go out, socialise. I sing in a band and haven't done a gig for months as I have lost so much confidence in my appearance. I won "bride of the year" 18 months ago and now look back at my wedding photos longing to look normal again. I feel like everyone is staring at me as if it's my fault I look like this.

I have driven myself mad trying to record everything I eat, drink, wash with, wear, go etc. It's become an obsession. I can't wear makeup as it just cracks and flakes on my face. It's all I think about 24 hours every day and the itching and burning keeps me awake.

The people who made comments on your website have given me hope. I don't know anyone else who has this and it's a comfort to know I am not alone. I had very bad eczema when I was younger but it was never on my face and I wonder if it is also this as well as the rocacea. I've even considered surgery as I hear there is an op you can have to stop facial blushing.

I am writing this in work in tears as a colleague has just asked me if I have "been in the sun" and told me I look really red. It's January!

Any help or advice is very much appreciated as I am at my whit's end.

Kind Regards

Hi J I understand exactly how you feel - stick in there and don't give up - you will get control of your condition and it will improve!!!

I don't know if your chinese medicine was in tablet form or a topical cream but some chinese medicines can have steroid type ingredients that can cause flare ups in rosacea patients.

As you avoid the main triggers you should find your skin calms over the weeks and eventually it becomes less susceptable to subsequent triggers with less severe flare ups.
Do see your Doctor show him/her your email, you could well have eczema as well as a rosacea flare up and remember stress is a potent factor in both conditions and anxiety and depression should be addressed by a professional.

You may wish to try our two new CALMIN products (an Ultra Mild Cleanser that can either be used with cotton wool to remove impurities and irritants from the skin for those people who cannot
even tolerate water, or used as a rinse off product - and - an Environmental Protective Cream (EPC) that may actually help reduce the temperature on the skin, it also soothes and moisturises with ingredients such as aloe vera, borage oil, vitamin E, a U. V. filter, protective ingredients etc.)
Tell that guy in the office to &*&*&&**(*& From me!!

I have suffered serious depression myself with the condition, I thought.. I new at one point that things would never get better and life wasn't worth living, I was so wrong, it is difficult to see the light at the end of the tunnel, but never give up, things will get better.

I turned down the surgery your talking about (the ETS operation) as the side effects can be debilitating.

Remember I've been there

best wishes and take care


Hi Kevin,
Just wanted to say that I have been following your Aloe Vera regime for approx 6 weeks and have found the results excellent. My skin is less red and patchy, flushes less frequent and skin is generally smoother, oh and less oily. I am 41 and have had Rosecea for approx 3 yrs, although I've suffered with blushing all my life.

I've had the worst of my red veins treated with laser, although it took 4 sessions and approx £600. This didn't treat the rest of the skin, I then had NLite which provided excellent results, but is too expensive to be a long- term solution (£250 per time), you have an initial series of 5 sessions and then top up 2/3 times per year but it does treat thread veins and open pores as well.
I've never been keen on taking long-term antibiotics and have been looking for an alternative remedy, I found your site and discovered Aloe Vera. I've stopped wearing so much makeup, am more confident with my life generally, am not too embarrassed to attend meetings with work. I do drink 2 litres of water per day and rarely drink caffeine.

I was interested to read that niacin is a trigger - how on earth did you discover this??

I think the final catalyst for my Rosecea was my 3rd pregnancy, I had a baby when I was 38 and I experienced 'extreme' flushing during pregnancy, also following the pregnancy I developed incredibly oily skin which resulted in mild acne vulgaris, especially around my periods. It feels as if my whole life has revolved around my skin condition, and how it affects me emotionally and in my day to day life, it certainly doesn't get any easier as you get older and have other aging skin problems to deal with. Amazingly people usually tell me how great I look for my age, perhaps I'm more paranoid than I need to be or perhaps I'm very skilled with makeup! Anyway I'm waffling now. The site's great, keep up the good work and let's hope the Aloe Vera brand continues to thrive.

TTFN Andrea

Dear Kevin,
I received the products that I ordered from you last week. This was my second order from you. This time I ordered two of the creams and one cleanser/wash. They are really fantastic! I really like the cream. It seems to diminish the redness and the red papules I sometimes get on my skin.
Since I was diagnosed with rosacea two years ago and have been under several dermatologists care, the prescription medicine like Metrolotion would sometimes make my condition worse. However my current dermatologist who is very nice and understanding about this condition/disease says it's alright for me to try other creams, gels, etc. I mentioned using Aloe Vera Gel to him and he agreed that in some of his rosacea patients it was one of the products they could use, as is in my case. I previously did order your Aloe Vera Gel but it now appears that some of the ingredients have changed. Could you please advise if this is correct?
The reason I'm asking is because I'm am allergic to the preservatives paraben and it appears the Aloe Gel has several parabens. My dermatologist also mentioned that a lot of rosacea patients he has seen are also allergic to the paraben mix(as the medical term used.) I was actually skin tested for different ingredients and the paraben mix was the only one I was allergic too.
I am from Central Texas and with my very light skinned complexion the sun and humidity play havoc with my skin and just make my rosacea worse. Your products however have really helped my skin and I want to Thank You for finding these for us rosaceans.
Are you located in or near London? If not, where are you located and do you have a store or sell from your home. My sister and brother-in-law just love England (Great Britain) and they go there sometimes twice a year on vacation. They actually rent a car and drive from London to all the other towns in Great Britain, including Wales and Scotland. They could stop by your store and get some of products if you do indeed have a store.
Your products really do work. I have tried almost every other product out there, on the internet, in the stores, recommended by other rosaceans, etc. and it seems like I always come back to yours.
Thank You again for having this informative site and selling these wonderful products.

My name is Jude, I'm 24 years old and have suffered with acne vulgaris for 10 years or so. I just wanted to write and say how great it is that people have a forum like this where they can get things off their chest at the same time as getting ideas from others. The severity of my condition has varied greatly over the years - as have the treatments I've been prescribed (not to mention the emotions!) It is good to know that you are not alone, It's very hard to discuss acne vulgaris, especially with someone who has never suffered with it. When I have been at my worst I have refused to even leave the house and it's difficult for others to understand why you feel like that, my family and friends were very supportive but I doubt they ever really understood where I was coming from. It can affect your life in so many ways, I ended up taking loads of time of work when things were bad because I simply couldn't face going in knowing full well I looked awful and everyone would be as aware of it as I was. I remember one sensitive colleague actually pointing it out once - as if I didn't know! The ignorance surrounding this condition still amazes me, it can be such a painful condition to live with in more ways than one and everything about it is unfair.

I have been through periods where my skin has been good but I've also been through times when it's been bloody awful and I can completely understand the feelings of those who say they have thought about suicide, to anyone else that may seem a tad dramatic but when you are at the stage where your every waking moment is spent stressing over your skin it's hardly surprising that some people can become very depressed. It's not just the fact that you have it, there's also all the disappointment you have to deal with when yet another treatment has failed to work. Once you're on that downward spiral of self loathing and anger it's very very hard to pull yourself back up again.

One thing I have noticed reading through others e-mails is that no two people ever seem to respond to a treatment in the same way, one will say a treatment has completely cleared their skin while another will say it has made them 10 times worse. It really is a case of trial and error when it comes to treatments. For me, I have to say the best prescription I have ever had was for Benzamycin (Benzoyl Peroxide & Erythromycin) which surprised me as I had tried both Erythromycin and Benzoyl Peroxide before (separately) with very little effect, I can only conclude that it is something to do with the way they both work in combination and seem to complement each other. ( I understand there is a production problem with this drug at the moment though, does anyone know when it will be back?)

I have begun to accept that my skin will probably always be prone to breakouts and it's just something I will have to live with to an extent, however it CAN be controlled and I am determined not to let it rule my life any longer, I have often felt as though I am watching the best years of my life pass me by, while I hide away at home. You must persevere, if you have a problem, see your doctor, don't bother wasting your time with those over the counter remedies - they are a complete waste of time (and money!)

Thanks again for this site, I think it's great and keep up the good work!


my name is s. and i am writing this e-mail to thank you for such a fantastic website you have, i am a fellow sufferer of rosacea, it is only a mild form but still very frustrating to cope with, having read the testimonials on your web page i was staggered to find so many people all with the same symptoms and feeling as myself. the withdrawal from social events because your face is having a bad day, the depression, the worry which makes the bloody thing worse! everything that i suffer from. my doctor has been of little help i recently went to see him having decided to find out what was wrong with my skin, having spent years thinking i just had really dry skin and buying every known face cream available for which none really helped, having completely changed my diet so i know eat plenty of fruit and fresh vegetables and also drinking 2 litres of water a day i started to read books on skin care and symptoms and there is was staring me in the face- rosacea, the relief that i felt having found what was wrong with me for immeasurable, armed with my new found knowledge i booked a appointment with my doctor full of confidence that i would finally be getting some help with my skin condition. the day that i went to see him, by chance i was having a good skin day, as i sat there and told him what i knew i had, the symptoms, the fact it comes and goes, how it makes me feel, the depression, the social withdrawal i was staggered to hear him say " no you haven't got that- its acne vulgaris vulgaris! which looks completely different and i certainly aint very spotty, he said everyone get acne vulgaris and there is nothing i can do or prescribe! i was shocked and so depressed to put it mildly, how can a doctor be so far off the mark? i started to question my own sanity, was it me just being vain? do i really need to look in a mirror every half hour to check my face? i was determined not to give up and having read a vitamin book started taking high does of vitamin A vitamin E, zinc and drinking 2 tablespoons of cold pressed flax seed oil- which is so horrible it makes you feel sick! but if it helps then im going to drink it.
that's when i started scouring the net and found your brilliant web site and as i said before was truly shocked by the many other sufferers, and also how they had been treated by their respected doctors.
i have been taking the vitamins and oil for 2 weeks now and also i have stopped drinking tea&coffee which is extremely difficult as i was having on average 8-9 mugs a day, i feel so tired at the moment but strangely my skin has improved quite a lot, but as a fellow sufferer how difficult is it to try and find what make you flare up! its a nightmare,
here are a few things i have found that makes mine worse
1. air conditioning
3. salt
5.citrus fruit- but im not sure
6.soap-any type water on my face
8.alcohol! what a nightmare that one is!
9.emotional stress-the main cause of flare ups.
10.branston pickle! again im not sure with this one!
as you can see this condition has taken over my life, i have recently qualified as a personal fitness trainer and so am in the public eye all the time, and 3 weeks ago had to leave my job because the air con was making my skin a nightmare so much so that i wouldn't leave the house.i have also found that exercise makes it worse, when i sweat it stings my face, not all the time but some of the time.
i have just ordered your complete skin care range so hopefully it will also help, and i look forward to seeing what other things could flare my condition up.
sorry for going on a bit but as i'm sure you'll understand the relief when you find someone that knows the suffering.
keep up the good work

Hey - my names s - i wanna remain anonymous as to my second name - so please don't post my full name on your page. I'm 16 and i've had bad skin since i was about 12. - I took oxy-tetrocyclin for ages - didn't do anything. Took erythromicin and had beauty care treatment, and used like moisturiser and washes and stuff - it cleared up - was very happy. Then after a while it came back much worse - this time no longer on the forehead but on the cheeks (it came around the time i started shaving also). I started up the same treatment again - but this time didn't seem to do anything. Around this time my younger sister turned anorexic, and as you probably know this isn't a stomach disorder or anything - its a mental disorder. And she basically got obsessed not only with not eating to stay thin, but with not touching anything i'd touched or going anywhere near me cause i'm 'dirty' or 'infected' and she didn't want to get my 'infection.' And she made a huge case of this, and made a big deal of it if i ever touched anything - for example the piano (which is quite an important part of the house for me - cause my only full interest is music - which i'm kinda dedicated to - composing etc etc). Because of my sister's anorexia and the fact my parents needed to make her feel they were on her side, they often supported her - and i'd get screamed at for touching things she wanted to touch. This upset me a lot - and last christmas i lost so much self confidence that i spent the christmas holidays in my spare room with the curtains and door closed, thinking about and drawing pictures of cutting the skin off my face. My parents have realised i'm depressed and i've had counselling and stuff since. And the main problem i've had is that my mentality is not that i don't want to see what i look like - its that i don't like other ppl seeing what i look like - and my parents don't understand this. Inside the house i keep a towel over my lower face whenever someone else is in the room - and outside the house i wear makeup. I find this quite embarrasing - being a boy and all - and i'm constantly paranoid of people noticing and pointing it out - but i would rather be seen with makeup on than without - nevertheless i hate wearing it. I'm extremely self-concious - though i find the makeup has given me more confidence outside the house.

I'm now taking mynocin, and have been using a Retin A gel. Over the last half term (week long) holiday - i spent the time inside without makeup - and going to a sunbed everyday - i went to the sunbed hooded so noone could see me - my mum laughed about this as well - but i felt quite strongly that i would wear a hood. - My parents don't want me to take Roaccutane - cause one of the side effects is depression - and i'm already depressed. The only thing that will make me feel more relieved is just not having - and i keep hoping that just one night everything will clear up - but i know it won't.

The sunbeds did some gd - but now back into term again - its all coming back to pretty much how it was before.

I just want some advice of some sort - i don't really know what - i just feel kinda helpless, and completely out of control of everything.


Hi S I understand exactly how you feel - I was the same at your age, you are at the most difficult time of your life, an incredibly difficult and traumatic time, things will take time to improve, I made the mistake of thinking things would never get better I was wrong and they have to a point where I am very happy now. It is understandable how you feel, people only have to read the hundreds of emails I've replied to to see that hiding away, the embarresment, depression and isolation is very common with acne vulgaris and rosacea sufferers as with other skin conditions. What you need to do is to see your Doctor again and show him/her your email to me, you should be referred to a specialist dermatologist and keep trying the different treatments that are available don't give up hope, I know how disapointing it is when one doesn't work but don't give up trying, you'll find one that helps in the end. I would show your email to your mum too, she should be aware that the emotional damage being done now may affect you for the rest of your life, in her concern for your sister she doesn't seem to have understood the severity of your condition, if you show her your email it will help her to understand. Of course I'll keep you full name private.

best wishes and take care friend


Ps have you seen my penpals page? you could send me a message for it.

I simply must tell you just how wonderful your products that come with the full regimentare! I first looked at your sight last year and since I saw that you were using Aloe Vera for rosacea--I tried a different brand of it that I bought at my drugstore. It helped some with the redness, but not enough. So I ordered your Aloe Vera, your cleanser and your moisturizer-----WOW! In just 4 days I could tell the difference --- the dry flaky patches were gone --- the redness is gone by 80%--- and now after a month ---my complexion is fantastic! I ordered some for my daughter who has acne vulgaris and although she is not seeing the great results that I have she does admit that the moisturizer is the best that we have ever used. Can you tell me what other product she should order for her acne vulgaris? She is getting pimples under the skin now.

Again--thank you! Please do not EVER go out of business!!!
From the GREAT state of TEXAS!

Hi Veronica

well your email is what I run the site and business for!!! brilliant, it means so much to me that you have taken the time to let me know the good news. For your daughters acne vulgaris I recommend seeing your Doctor and discussing a range of prescribed medications such as perhaps topical antibiotics depending on the severity, you might like to consider benzamycin a combination of benzoyl peroxide and erythromycin antibiotic, differin, or a low dose contraceptive pill such as Dianette (depending if applicable and age of course), my wife uses zineryt antibiotic topical for her acne vulgaris and finds it very helpful. Prescribed medication may help alleviate any emotional and physical scarring (depending on severity).

thanks again
best wishes and take care

i'm currenltly a college student living on campus...My acne vulgaris mainly consists of acne vulgaris cysts and pimples.

I went to the dermatologist a couple a weeks ago and she prescribed me 10% Benzoyl Prex. gel, Doxycline pills, and some kind of lotion for the night and a box of Clindamycin Phosphate Pledgets for working out. In the middle of the first week i was taking the medication i would have redness and increased breakouts. I think it was from the Ben. Prex. gel. so my doctor told imediately stop taking the cream and lotion. However she told me to stay on the pills (2 times a day) and keep using the pledgets esp b4 i go to bed. I also had an steroid injection for bad cysts that occured from the gel. Now it's been a week and half later and my cysts seems to be returning in the same place (although not as big at fast.) and i'm getting small breakout outs around my mouth and nose. I'm not sure what i should do. I'm gona to talk to my Derm. again soon and mention Dalacin T lotion or the Cleocin T-lotion and i hope that will work. Over the yrs i have breakouts but now that i'm living at college it seems more embarassing than ever. I used to try Proactive and i was satisfied with that but i stopped taking it. I got scars from yrs of breakouts and the most recent ones are depressing. It seem like most people don't want to look at you in the eyes or let me say the 'face' at points. When you have bad acne vulgaris the word 'face' seems to take a whole new meaning and you seem to want to hide under a rock.

I just want to conclude that living with acne vulgaris is like having a second job in which you have to stay focused with watching what you eat, when to put on medication, or just simply remembering to change the pillow cases a couple time a week. Above all is the hope and determination you need to see better days.


I am 41 years old and have had acne vulgaris since I was a teenager. In fact I thought that the only good thing about reaching 40 was the possibility that my skin would improve with maturity. How wrong could I be! I have tried antibiotics which worked until I stopped taking them. I tried Dianette but had side effects and had to discontinue treatment. I tried Skinoren cream with limited success. I have used endless problem skin products in my quest for spot free skin.I then discovered your web site and decided to give the Aloe Vera treatments a go. I have been using them for three weeks and I am so pleased with the results so far. My skin feels softer and the overall condition has improved. It is less oily and there are fewer erruptions. I will continue with these products forever if early results are anything to go by. Thankyou for a very helpful informative site. acne vulgaris has been the bane of my life and has often affected my confidence. I would recommend the treatments to anyone.
Subject: Please, please help me!!!

Im 15 years old and I am positive that I have rosacea.
My cheeks are constantly red and the skin on my cheeks is very rough.
Im too embarrased to speak to anyone about it, and so I havn't seen a
I blush very easily and whenever I excercise etc. my face goes blood red.
get teased alot when im at school.
I have a very low self confidence because of it and I dont have many
friends, and I dont go out much because Im too embarassed...
Please help me...
Hiya m8, yes there is help for you, don't worry. I know how you feel I was
exactly the same and couldn't talk about it with anyone until I started this
site, I couldn't discuss it with friends and family even my mum and dad, I
can only talk about it now after starting this site and I'm 42!!!! What I
want you to do is to get your Mum or Dad and show them my site, I know how painful it is but it is essential that
you get understanding from your family, there is nothing to be embarrassed
about with them you have a vascular skin condition that requires
understanding like any other condition, illness or disability gets. rosacea
and blushing is so underestimated and misunderstood, people including some
ignorant doctors think because it is just a skin condition it isn't
important but the effect it can and does have on our lives can be no less
devastating than serious illness. Show your Mum or Dad this email too.
Then I want your parent to take you to see your Doctor, show him/her this
email and remind the Doctor that depression and suicide are not uncommon
resulting from this skin condition (I get the emails!). . Many people
find help with my aloe vera skin care regimen too, so your Mum may want to
consider that too, if you just want to try one item choose the aloe vera
gel, I use it daily and wouldn't be without it. OH AND YOU'RE NOT TOO YOUNG

Hey are you into computer games? my son and I play a great game on the
internet based on the pc game half-life it's called counter strike and you
can make friends online playing regularly on the same servers
( have good ones) you can get in teams and have competitions
it's great!

Please email again as soon as you can and let me know how you are getting
on. I've included some info I send with my aloe vera orders below too show
this to your mum and dad it will help too. Try to be brave and tell your
parents what you are going through, beleive me you will feel so much better
with understanding.

best wishes and take care

Subject: meltdown


I just came across your site and i cannot believe how many people are affected by rosacea,i am not alone ! i type this e-mail hidden away in my room, i cannot go out and have fun(which i want to!). My cheeks are bright red and are so hot they could melt steel.Im fed up with people saying"look at his face,its so red" It crushes your confidence to a pulp. I am determined to beat this and not let it ruin my life! I will go back to my doctor and tell him how i feel(last time he did not do anything, he told me to come back for my blood pressure to be tested-BIG DEAL!) I'll let you know how i get on.

Thanks a lot!


Hi Neil good man! of course your not alone mate. Why not reply to some of the penpals or send me a message to put on - it really helps. Let me know what your doc says I've attached some info that I send with Aloe Vera skin care products I hope it is of help. Contact me anytime m8.

best wishes and take care




Weather extremes such as wind or cold may also be irritating.

Hi Sheila unfortunately your learning a hard lesson and that is You are the only one can, will and should take responsibility for your condition. Of course use Doctors whom you must see for diagnosis and prescribed medication but find out all you can yourself on the disease and become an expert as you are doing very well indeed! You may wish to consider a low dose contraceptive pill called Dianette which many women find helpful. Most topical treatments and some oral antibiotics will cause photosensitivity, it should say on the leaflet with the medication. Have a look at the tests mentioned on my acne vulgaris pages and I've included some info below that I send with aloe vera skin care products as you have just started at this age rosacea has to be considered, the info may give you some insights as there are no tests as such for rosacea.

best wishes and take care


Dear Sir/Madam

I placed this order yesterday and wondered if you could post it out for
me as soon as possible.

It's just that I am going on holiday next week and really, really want
to take these amazing (CALMIN) creams with me.

Thank you so very much.

Kind Regards


Hi Helen

Thank you for your continued custom and very kind comments much appreciated!

We have sent your parcel today by Royal Mail special delivery to reach you tomorrow (Friday).

Have a good holiday!

Best wishes

Kevin Nicholson

Thank you for sending the products so promptly - ordered over the Internet on Sunday, arrived on Tuesday.

I've started using them straightaway, and have given up tea and coffee - already I can see an improvement. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks again.


I am 16 years old, male. I have had acne vulgaris since I was about 11 or 12, but I have kept it under control, and am now under going a second treatment of Accutane, and my acne vulgaris is all but a thing of the past, and really isn't a problem anymore.

However... since long before I ever used Accutane, i have had a red face. Every time I ran around or exercised, my face got bright red. Now, in the past year or two, my face has gotten to a point where it's always red... it looks like I have a mild sunburn across my nose, and under my eyes. I have seen pictures of rosacea sufferers, and I am 99% sure that I have this condition. When talking to people, I get very easily flushed, as when I am under emotional stress, school stress, or scared for some reason. My face gets very hot, and gets very red. This has lowered my self esteem more than anyone knows, and I have been very depressed about it. I am going to go see my dermatologist in a few weeks.

As far as 'trigger factors' concern me, being at school is the biggest factor. Especially now that I recognise that this is the problem, I always turn very red around people, especially in certain classes. I am full of hope now that I realize that i have an abnormal disorder, and that treatment is available.

Do you have any advice for me? What methods have worked best for other teenagers like myself? Should I stay away from antibiotics? Also, until I see a dermatologist, should I use Alo Vera gel (store bought, sunburn lotion, basically) on my face? This condition has noticable progressed... I am very depressed over this :c(

Thanks for you help,


Hi Dawson well mate you sound very much like myself at that age unfortunately. You must tell your family doctor about the depression you feel which is totally understandable - just read all my emails! we all have or are the same my friend. Your behaviour and reactions/fears are all completely normal and we all feel the same, we have a physical condition that causes emotional problems of course it does! only a complete idiot would think it wouldn't. Ask your doctor about possible medications that may help. Look at the info I've included below and try to follow the advice about trigger factors. I would recommend you get my aloe vera gel and don't use sunburn lotion or any other varieties, you can get it from me, if you can't afford it let me know and I'll send you one anyway. You can also try metronidazole gel from your doctor and perhaps tetracycline (your doctor may say your too young to have rosacea, show him/her this email GET YOUR FACTS RIGHT DOC he is not too young). Learn about the condition Dawson read my site and all the readers emails, don't get depressed, we all have our cross to bear, be strong, brave and courageous it takes more guts to live a normal life with something that gets no understanding or support from those around (or much help from doctors) us than many other walks of life that are adored and revered by society. Go to your Doctor and give him this email he/she will take you much more seriously when they no the severity of the depression you are feeling - I became severly suicidal over my rosacea I made the mistake of thinking it would never get better that my life would never get better I was wrong totally wrong, I have to admit your time of life was shit for me but now things are great - hold on mate. . Finally how's about putting a message on my penpals page or just tell me and I'll put this message of yours on the penpals page, you'll then make friends from others in exactly the same position. And finally finally I am always here so if you get down email me again anytime ok? oh and always bear in mind other conditions that may coexist like sebohoic dermatitis.

cheers m8

best wishes and take care


Hi again,

Well, after some more thought and research, I am now 99.9% sure (once again) that I most certainly have rosacea. I found out that my Aunt has been diagnosed with it, and is currently undergoing a successful treatment (so far). Also, my other aunt has what appears to be rosacea, although she has not bee diagnosed.

I have read that hydrocortizone cream is used as a treatment of rosacea... this cream is available without a prescription from Longs or Rite Aid or any other drug store... I actually have some in my bathroom right now. It even contains alo vera. My friend successfully treated his rosacea with this cream (i think that maybe his was prescription, not sure). ...Would you advise me to use this cream, once a day, in the morning before school, just to do my best to cool things down a bit? I am on accutane, and from what I hear and am experiencing, it worsens the redness a great deal... I am planning to use the hydrocortizone cream every day from now until I am medicated for rosacea. Can you think of any reason why I shouldn't do this? I can't... lol, and frankly, I'm quite excited just knowing that I am actually doing something about the rosacea right now... and that I won't have to just sit around for 1 month waiting to see my dermatologist.

Thank you for your thoughts and help,


DO NOT USE HYDROCORTISONE FOR rosacea - it was used in the past for rosacea and can make the skin appear better in the short term but over time it thins the skin and when you stop using it severe flareups are common. See your Doctor for prescribed medication ie antibiotics metronidazole cream etc and I sincerely recommend my aloe vera regimen which helps many many people.

best wishes and take care


hope you can help.i had a glycolic facial yesterday and a horrrible
reaction. the doctor said it may be due to rosacea. i am worried now that i
have serious damage to my sin. also, have red lines etc. that were not there
before. do you think these will go away or not? need some concrete info and
if laser surgery will be needed, the cost etc. thanks so much ..

Hi thank you for writing. Unfortunately I can't give you concrete info! there are no tests for rosacea but observation of the symptoms. I have rosacea which makes my skin in common with many others hypersensitive to all kinds of stimuli - a glycolic facial is not suitable in my opinion (remember I am not medically qualified, just a fellow sufferer). If you have thread veins laser treatment may be necessary to reduce them but that is not your first course of action unless they are severe. You need to learn about rosacea and try the usual treatments and avoidance of trigger factors. I've included some info below that I send with my Aloe Vera Complete skin care Regimen that many find excellent for symptomatic relief of their rosacea symptoms, have a look at the trigger factors detailed and see if they apply to you it will give you an insight, I recommend trying my Aloe Vera regimen and your doctor may prescribe antibiotics. Have a good read of my site at < for further info and the online store is at <

best wishes and take care


Subject: RE


Hi Gabrielle I know exactly how you feel and so do hundreds of thousands of
others who will read your message. Please read all the replies on the
readers emails pages I have written they are addressed to you too. The best
course of action for you is to see a Doctor and not rely on over the counter
products. Your Doctor can assess and diagnose your condition and prescribe
a wide variety of medications. Please see my site for suggestions of
treatments, perhaps antibiotic creams, benzamycin is very popular and there
are many others, they can take time to show improvements and if you don't
have success after a few weeks, see your Doctor again and ask for another
treatment, but keep going back until you find something that helps, don't
give up and don't give in. I've included some info I send with skin care
products mainly for rosacea sufferers but I hope it is some help.
best wishes and take care

Subject: !!!!THANX!!!!

I'am a 21 year old male, i have suffered many many years with a bright red face, especially my cheeks. I had virtually accepted that i was going to have to put up with this condition properly for the rest of my life. It has damaged my self-confidence and on the bad days I became very depressed and angry. Although in the past year my condition has became a little better it is still affecting me. By chance I stumbled upon your website, thankfully I did, many symptoms suggest that I may suffer from rosacea. After reading many testimonials to your products I decided to give the aloe vera gel and moisturiser a try, thankyou for your speedy dispatch. I received them 4 days ago, been using them since. Already I have noticed a great difference to my skin. I find that using the gel and moisturiser after shaving has excellent results. My skin feels and looks great. I now have a lot more confidence and will continue to use your fantastic range. I would like to express how appreciative i am to you.

Keep up the excellent work and thanx again.
Yours Sincerly

Hi Chris you've put a big :) on my face cheers mate!!!!

best wishes and take care



i've just read the opening explanation on your website and it is just the confidence booster needed right now. i have suffered from mild to severe acne vulgaris for a few years now and have gradually become taking more and more serious medication.

over the years i have had the feeling that my doctor looks upon it as quite trivial, therefore making it hard for me to return and ask for more serious madication. i use benzamycin gel as well as minocin capsules everyday. i am told to be patient and have only been taking these for a week now after my previous medicine, oxytetracycline had made it gorrendously worse. do be honest i have little confidence i these medicines as it just seems to get worse. i must admit i have seen people with worse, very severe acne vulgaris but this is significant enough to make me think about it 24 hours a day. i am 20 years old and quite a late developer which is one of the explainations i have found which makes it easier to accept.

anyway, if you could inform me of a few tips and advice then that would be an extra bonus. congratulations on an excellent site.



Hi ollie thanks for writing I understand exactly how you feel m8 damn have to switch this underlining off that's better! I recommend asking your doctor about isotrexin a combination topical gel containing isotretinoin and erythomycin. Thank you very much for your kind comments they mean a lot. Have a good read of it all it'll give you further suggestions. Don't be afraid of your dumb doc keep going back, tell him your acne vulgaris is making you depressed and hindering your employment relationships etc then you will be taken more seriously.

best wishes and take care


Dear Kevin,
Thanks for your reply. It was good to hear a sympathetic response.
My skin feels like it is brusbhburned but healing. I do see the veins that I did
not have before and am very worried I did terrible damage to my skin. I had read
on the internet that laser can help but I am praying this is not needed. I am
going to try to find the best dermatologist in the city and get another opinion.
I truly wish I had not gotten this but now I have to move forward. If you know of
some ways that I could avoid having the laser,please let me know. Again, thanks
for your response and concern. At times like these, the internet is a great tool.

Subject: No Subject

I have been surffering with rosecea for a few years now. I am 43 and had
perfect skin u until the ae of 40. i am fairly fit

My pecialist has perscribe klaricid and drup containing claithromycin. I
nervous about taking the 3month cause but I am embrresed to go out often
becaus my sking flares ups and little darker red spots appera. It makes
area around my eyes stand out as panda eyes as they are so white in
comaprison. no amount of make-up helps as the area on my cheeks becomes
and itchy

I really wanted to adres this issue as it is making me unhappy and
unconfident. I spend my time looking at others' skin. No one ever
on my lovely skin any more and I definitely look my age these days.

Hi Jude I understand exactly how you feel, we all do, I have been there
myself and suffered serious depression because of this disease, thankfully I
am in a much better position today (never better in fact so don't you give
up!!!!). Depression should not be underestimated and you must report this
to the Doctor if you are losing sleep/weight are off your food, are tearful,
wake early in the morning with feelings of dread, are unhappy most of the
time etc. My best advice is to try my aloe vera skin care regimen and
follow the advice I send with it. I also recommend fully reading my site
and the readers emails.
best wishes and take care

Subject: rosacea
For the last six months now I have been suffering with red skin and tiny
painful blisters around my nose which is spreading over my face. This is
causing me great discomfort and emotional upset and I understand and
completely sympathise with all sufferers who have written for help and
advice. I am desperate to find a cure for this and have tried dietary
changes, detox plan, Chinese herbs and homeopathy but it is getting worse.
Different doctors diagnose it as different things, ie. sebhorric
eczema and acne vulgaris rosacea. Are blisters symptoms of acne vulgaris rosacea or is it
only reddening and swelling of the skin?


PS. Very helpful and informative site - thank you.
Hi papules small red raised spots are a common symptom of rosacea. I assume
you have tried antibiotics from your Doctor, I've included the info I send
with my Aloe Vera skin Care Complete Regimen - have a look and see if you
think the trigger factors apply to you, if so rosacea is likely and you may
wish to try my products available at < where you can
also find other info, the readers emails can give many insights, it's a
learning process as with everything:)
best wishes and take care

Kevin -

Thanks for your reply - best not to print the e-mail address as I am only
temporarily at this address - so I don't really want replies as such - but
if you could put my letter on the noticeboard, maybe it can be of use to
some of the readers, and I can check in and read anything that goes up in
reply? Thanks again,


I'm a sufferer of acne vulgaris, with sever outbreaks on a regular basis - I've
on Dianette for a year - to no avail, and I'm on the antibiotic Minosin SA
periodically every few months, which clears up the problem completely but
soon as I come off it I start to break out again. I was wondering if
anybody had any other ideas as to what I might try - I'm reluctant to keep
taking Minosin as it has caused some severe immunity problems with my
teenage brother - anyone out there currently on it might like to consult
their doctor about this.
I'm particularly interested in herbal remedies - I've been told Echinacea
very effective. I have also found that using an oil based cleanser (yes,
know it sounds strange) combined with a water based moisturiser to be
very effective - below are some brands that have really worked for me:
'La Formule' essential oil cleanser & moisturiser
'Boots' essential oil wash off cleanser, and day shift 12 hour moisture
I'd welcome any advice from people in a similar position to me (I'm
age 26, moderately stressful job, single mum, quite healthy lifestyle).

Hi Melanie sorry for the delay in getting back to you, would you like me to
put your message on the penpals page where you will get plenty of replies
I'll have to print your email address, or do you want me to put it on the
normal readers emails that I should be updating soon (said that last week
best wishes and take care

Hi Kevin -

Thank You so much for your quick reply and your
wonderful advice. I have scheduled my appointment for
the nurse next week. Although I guess I have to see a
nurse first before registering to see a GP. Very
differently done then in America.

Again I have to say that you have made a difference in
people's lives with your website. Knowing that we are
not alone with this disease is a very comforting

Kind Regards-

Hi -

I'm 31 and have been in the UK for 3 months.
I have suffered from acne vulgaris for most of my life. It has
caused severe depression and although I carry on and
am very social, I still have anxiety of what other
people think. Since moving here I am at a loss to
where to go for treatments. This weekend I am trying a
peeling process to help with the scars, however, the
cleansing products given to me seems to have made my
acne vulgaris flare up worse. Is it possible for acne vulgaris to flare
up before it gets better with products?
I use to be on antibiotics for 5 years, but have quit
because my husband and I would like a family. This has
caused my acne vulgaris to flare on other parts of my body now.
Back and chest. Have you heard anything about flare
ups occurring once you stop taking antibiotics?
Well, thank you for listening. Your website brings
tears to my eyes because you are helping so many not
feel like their alone.


Hi Dianna thank you so much for writing. It is difficult when you are
trying for a baby/nursing or pregnant as you don't want things getting or
potentially getting in your system that may harm your baby, drugs like
isotretinoin have been linked to birth defects and this powerful acne vulgaris drug
is completely contraindicated when trying to get pregnant, are pregnant or
nursing. Your first call must be a family Doctor in the UK called a general
practitioner or GP. I think you should look at my acne vulgaris treatments page and
look at the tests mentioned there ask your Doctor about polycystic ovarian
syndrome it causes some womens acne vulgaris. If the antibiotics were helping then
stopping them would allow a recurrence of the acne vulgaris. Some products you may
get from your doc when not trying for a baby can make your skin appear worse
in the short term before bringing about an improvement but this shouldn't be
the case with otc cleansers etc. Your Doctor is the one to advise you on
safe medication when you are trying for a baby, also discuss your depression
with him/her write down all the emotional hell you have been through (and I
know I'm still emotionally scarred) write how it effects you has effected
you, stopped you doing things that you want or feel you should be doing etc
give this note to your Doctor he/she will then take you much more seriously.
You may wish to try my tea tree cleanser it certainly helps my wifes acne vulgaris,
check with your Doctor first though. I know how difficult it is beleive me,
please look on this as a temporary thing, once you have had your baby and
finished nursing you will be able to ask your Doctor about more powerful
treatments. Let me know how you get on and there's nothing like talking to
people in the same boat, write or answer a penpals letter on my site.
best wishes and take care

Hi Liam I'll be putting a new update page on soon and I'll put an appeal for
info on it, fingers crossed.
best wishes and take care
Subject: Re: Treatment for Roseacea

Subject: Re: Treatment for Roseacea

Sorry for asking you so many questions but I'm inquisative by
nature and really interested in controlling this rosacea. I'm finding your
regimen very good for giving me a more natural complexion, I was wondering do
you now of
any medication available in the UK or Europe for stopping
instantaneous lushing. Also the area underneath my eyes gets blacker during a
flush do you know of any way to prevent or aid this. I have the book from
Dr Nase ordered , but unfortunately he is awaiting surgery at the moment
and s unable to answer e-mails.



Subject: acne vulgaris... obviously
Hi, this is Jean from Chicago.
I have an acne vulgaris problem on my back, face, and on a little of my front.
I've had this problem since I turned a teen. I thought it was getting
better last year but now I'm back down again. Since I became a junior, my
acne vulgaris seems to be getting worse, especially on the sides of my face. Does
this happen to all people at my age? (16) My friend is also getting more
acne vulgaris this year. How can I get rid of the acne vulgaris on my face and back?

Hi jk the best option is to consult your Doctor who will probable prescribe
an oral antibiotic as topical creams are hard to apply to your back. Beware
antibiotics can make the contraceptive pill less effective and can have side
effects see < for specific drug advice. You may wish to try
Dianette the contraceptive pill many women find it helpful for acne vulgaris. There
are plenty of other suggestions on the site if you want further reading <
best wishes and take care
Subject: A worsening case of rosacea

I am writing out of desperation. I am a 38 years old and I have been
suffering from rosacea for about five years now. My dermatologist has
prescribed all the usual ointment antibiotics. None of them have worked
many have only aggravated the condition.

After spending nine months overseas (mostly in the Middle East) I returned
here to the States in August of this year with more severe symptoms and my
doctor prescribed one of the antibiotics that he had prescribed before.
That was six weeks ago. I did not fill the prescription. I realized that
needed to take a different approach.

I have had one meeting with an osteopathic physician who is suggesting
extensive testing to get at a possible underlying cause for the rosacea
Irritable Bowel Syndrome, from which I also suffer. He seems to think
given that these are both inflammatory conditions, there might be
to be gained from sending off different samples to the Great Smokies
Diagnostic Lab in Asheville, North Carolina. He is also suggesting an
elimination/challenge diet to see if there might not be some other food
triggers of which I am not aware. I am encouraged by this refreshing and
seemingly sensible approach to understanding more about these conditions.
However, my insurance company denied my first claim and in order to have
of this covered I am forced to change my insurance company and wait until
January to move ahead any further.

I am desperate because my rosacea involves my nose. I have at least one
sometimes two or three flare-ups every day. During these flare-ups my
becomes very red and swollen. Over the last year I have noticed that the
shape of my nose has changed. It is still not recognizably different to
most people, but my husband will now freely admit that there is a
difference on one side in particular. I would not be mistaken for W.C.
Fields or Karl Malden yet, but in a few year's time who knows?!!!!

I first logged on to your site back in August, after our return home. I
very interested then, but I must admit that I am a bit of a skeptic about
lot that I see on the Internet. However, if you are, as you say, a fellow
sufferer of this distressing condition, I find it hard to believe that you
are not what you represent yourself to be. So here I am writing to you to
ask whether or not you have heard from anyone with the dreaded rhinophyma
who has used your products with any success.

I have an appointment with my family doctor this coming week. Perhaps the
biggest trigger for me seems to be stress, which is an inherent part of my
life right now. I am considering asking him for a prescription for
something to calm my nerves and lessen my anxiety. I have never thought
myself as someone who needed to be medicated, and if I did not suffer from
this condition, even with the high degree of stress in my life at the
moment, I would not even remotely be considering this as an option. Have
you ever heard of anyone controlling symptoms by controlling reactions to
stress with medication?
I'm sorry if this is a bit rambling and perhaps even a bit tangential. I
just managed to get to the computer this evening while in the middle of a
particularly bad flare-up and the warm and welcoming tone of your site
inspired me to write to you. Thanks for listening.

Hi Suzanne thank you so much for writing, first of all don't panic! you
will not end up like WC Fields. A good treatment for rhinophyma is ultra
low dose isotretinoin (you must not get pregnant or be breast feeding while
on this drug). thankfully although a rosacea sufferer I don't have
rhinophyma and find my Aloe Vera regimen excellent for my more common
symptoms - . I too have IBS but I don't think there is
any link to rosacea which is a vascular disorder, both are common and many
people will have both. I've included the info I send with my skin care
products below I hope it is of help. I would recommend my Aloe Vera regimen
if you can afford it.
best wishes and take care

Dear Sir,

I have had skin problems for many years now. I started off with Excema and from my teenage years applied Steroid cortisone creams on my face. In my 20s I developed acne vulgaris. Now at 34 i still have it with a lot of pigmentation and mild scarring. I am very conscius of it. I started going to an acupuncurist but in my panic also went back to my homepathic doctor. I am underweght by about half a stone and have been dignosed with irritable bowel.

my question is:

1. can you combine acupuncture with homeopathy or which is the best solution?

2. How do you get rid of pigmentation and scarring without going under the surgeons knife.

3. Is it dieatry

I would appreciate your response

A.Mould (Ms)

Hi I think the best option for you is to discuss laser treatment with your Doctor, I would save your money and not rely on the acupuncutarist or homoeopathic practitioner. You could try vitamin c though but I think your doctor is your best bet.

best wishes and take care


I just want to say how impressed I am with your service. I was a little sceptical at first about the effectiveness of these products, but I was willing to try anything. I have been using the Aloe Vera Complete Regimen for about a month now and within days I noticed a difference. My skin condition has continued to improve ever since. Your web site is excellent. I hadn't even heard of the condition until it affected me and I found your site very reassuring.

I am ordering more today.

Thank you.



i am interested in hearing from anyone who has tried ipl vasculight or photorejuenvenation treatment to treat acne vulgaris rosacea.

Subject: Question on rosacea

Hi from Nova Scotia, Canada

I have recently been diagnosed with rosacea. I looked it up on the net and found your page. I have mild redness on my cheeks but it is my nose that is driving me crazy. My Dad has a large red nose that is always broken out and looks like raw meat ( this is a graphic but true description) he has never been diagnosed so does not know some of the triggers. My Dr. told me some of the triggers are chocolate and alcohol and not to drink hot drinks because the steam aggravates it. He gave me an antibiotic cream but I am trying to control it with natural products and trying to avoid my triggers - spicy food etc. I am going on an Aloe Vera regimen starting today. Primrose oil and vitamin B are also good.

The rosacea is all confined to the tip of my nose. It appears in water filled blisters that look like pimples. It is constantly present now instead of sporadically as in the past. Has anyone ever said that it feels like something is crawling under the skin where the pimples occur? My doctor looked at me like I was strange when I said that. I can now also see one side of my nose when I look straight ahead and I never noticed that before. Does it cause nose enlargement? I am not a vain person but I can't imagine having a nose that looks like my Dad's, God bless him. I find it depressing because apparently the nose is the one body organ that continues to grow until we die. I am a positive thinking and confident person but have noticed that I

find myself embarrassed and depressed by this condition which has become more persistent lately.

It was great reading your page and hearing others inputs. Thanks

A fellow rosacea sufferer


Hi Bev yes itching under the skin is caused by the lymph drainage system being affected by inflammation I used to get that all over my face. Dont panic ok? I would certainly use my aloe vera regimen and also consider some of the internal products that you will be able to get locally such as omega 3 capsules, vitamin c, etc You feelings are quite understandable even though my skin is much better now with my products and what I know, I still feel that over the years it has left emotional scarring that will never heal. heres the info I send with my products I hope it is of help. get the book I am in now way affiliated with it! but I thankfully have no direct experience of englargment of the nose or ocular rosacea both of which are covered in the book.

best wishes and take care


Hi Kate thank you so much for letting me know that! I was getting quite
worried about these delays, that is reassuring! Try the gel first for a
couple of weeks just a little at night say. If your face is flared up it
may seem a little redder or feel as though it stings a little which makes it
difficult but I recommend persevering just with the gel for now. I can't
tolerate tap water on my skin but the gel is a life saver, after your skin
has hopefully calmed after a month say then you can begin washing with the
cleanser and filtered water. Try the moisturiser after a couple of weeks
that should help too. And don't forget the advice about caffeine, niacin
etc very important!
best wishes and take care
Subject: Delivery
Dear Kevin,
I had e-mailed you yesterday as to the delay on my delivery, and you
promptly let me know that there could be a delay because of the increased
security. I appreciate your getting back to me so quickly. At least I
wouldn't be wondering everyday if something had gone wrong with the
shipment. The attacks of Sept.11
have changed quite alot here in the US (and in the world!). Then low and
behold it came in the mail today!
So that was about 2 weeks for delivery. I suppose there is no rhyme or
reason to it, sometimes the mail will just go faster than other times.
I'm anxious yet tentative to try the products for my rosacea (not too
severe yet - but sometimes bad redness and stinging.) I have tried so
many things which have made the situation worse. I'll start out very
slowly with each product and see how my skin reacts. I'm keeping my
fingers crossed that this will ease the discomfort, and I won't feel so
self-concious about it. I saw my doctor this week and he said to
definitely try the aloe products (along with the tetracyclene and
noritate) and see how it worked. Sorry this is so long, but it is very
therapeutic when someone else knows how hard this is to deal with. I
will let you know how it goes, and continue to read the posted e-mails on
the website. It's interesting to hear what everyone else has to say.
Thanks again for your help. Take care. Kate in the US

I have been diagnosed with rosacea, but I have a problem with
the fact that no one seems to know very much about it.
Since the number of sufferers in the US has increased,
it seems to me that environment (diet, allergens, etc.)
is a factor after all. I am upset with pharmaceutical companies
that waste research on costly treatments rather
than real cures. Come on, antibiotics? I have read testimonials
from several rosacea websites, and antibiotics only work a small percentage
of the time. My rosacea clears up considerably during my
period, which surprised my doctor. I also have Psoriasis on
my scalp, another skin ailment no one seems to know anything about.
It does seem to be some kind of autoimmune disorder, like rosacea,
so that makes me think something in my environment (pollution,
bad tap water, hormones in milk, meat, pesticides that act as
xenoestrogens in my body) is triggering the rosacea and psoriasis.

Does anyone out there agree?

Subject: Skin condition
Hi ive just been reading your web site and found it
very interesting. I was wondering whether or not you
could give me some advice on how to treat my skin? I
have had moderate spots now since the age of about 14,
and have been recieving treatment from the doctors
using antibiotics. The last course of antibiotics i
used was Doxycycline in conjuction with benzoyl
Peroxide cream (5%). I finished using the antibiotics
last september as my skin had all but cleared up, but
continued to use the cream. however my skin has now
deteriated back to as bad as it was before. I have an
appointement at the doctors, but i would like to know
whether or not i should start taking Doxycycline again
as this proved to be the most effective antibiotic i
used or try taking a different antibiotic such as
Minocycline? my age the moment is 18. also could you
suggest any sort of treatment to help heal the marks
on my face left from the spots?

Yours Faithfully

Hi Andy your Doctor may think it a good idea to stay with the antibiotic
that is working best for you, changing may be considered after some time if
the bacteria become resistant. There are side effects with oral antibiotics
however < perhaps a topical solution may be an idea. You could
try topical isotrexin a combination isotretinoin/erythromycin or perhaps
differin. My Aloe Vera gel may help with the red marks left after spots it
is a good antiinflammatory. for scarring info on the site.
best wishes and take care

Hello there,

Had to share it..........

9 weeks into 13 of erythromycin plus Metrogel ----- and I have a vast improvement in skin condition !!!!

The skin swelling is down, no new breakouts and the irritation has gone. I haven't given up anything much - less alcohol maybe and am now drinking beer and wine (definitely no spirits - they cause the burn). I still have the occasional spicy foods. Still sit in the sun when its there. I do not use mozzie repellent sun screen (my skin hates it) but normal sunscreen is fine. Still swim in chlorinated pools. Still live in a centrally heated home. Still workout to excess.

The skin is still pink with thread veins but liveable and life is good. I recommend this extended treatment be tried by sufferers where possible (sometimes the liver doesn't like such a long spell). If the improvement doesn't stay - at least I've had a reprieve..............


How'do kcn.I have just met a great friend through the"pen pals"page.We have much incommon and she has given me some usefulinfo',ggrrreatt!.I feel better already..Cheers mate!..john..(no need to reply.)

Subject: steroid induced rosacea
I'm writing in hope that some of my questions can be answered regarding
steroid induced rosacea/acne vulgaris. I brought this on myself by appling
hydrocortisone to my face for approximately a year. Though it has
(9 months since I stopped using the steroid) it is still not back the way
was before I used this medicine. What treatments would be best for this.
It my skin eventually return to normal and how much longer, more or less,
will it take? I have been appling metro cream to my face as per my
dermatologist suggested, she says it will reverse itself, but I would
another opinion. Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

Hi Sandra you are right to consult your Doctor whom is best placed to
provide diagnosis and prescribed medication. It is difficult to say how
long you skin would take and even if it might not have progressed to the
present condition anyway. Metro cream and oral antibiotics are the usual
prescribed medication, but a large majority of people find symptomatic
relief from my Aloe Vera regimen and you may wish to consider this too.
I've attached some info that I hope is of help.
best wishes and take care







Hi Brenda certainly stress is an important trigger as are others. You will need to discuss with your doctor about your oral antibiotics but many people do find metronidazole topical applications useful. You may wish to try my Aloe Vera regimen if you don't find an improvement using the metronidazole after a month or so. I've attached the info I send with my products I hope it is helpful to you. My worst period was after my dad died too.

best wishes and take care


Subject: rosacea
Hi, my name is anne and i am 48years old.For years i have flushed when in
very warm climates or after exercising. I suffer with red veins on my face
over my cheeks and my nose is flaking . i als sometimes get very sore and
in the folds of my cheeks. I have one or two spots on my forehead but no
others. About three months ago after rubbing my face vigorously i came out
blotches and by mid afternoon I looked as if i had a bad case of sunburn,
and my face was very hot and stinging. This happened again about a month
later although nothing since. About the same time as this second episode i
got an eye infection which was diagnosed as conjunctivitis and prescribed
week of antibiotics. Although it did not completely clear up the infection
was a lot better. So here i am 10 weeks later after having seen three
different doctors and i am now told i have blepharitis. When i asked the
doctor if this could be connected to rosacea he said no because when you
rosacea your cheeks are a lot ruddier and you would probably have spots,
i am not convinced. I know you are not a doctor and cannot dispense
advise, but could you please tell me if it is possible to have mild
and blepharitis. T he doctor said the flushing could be due to my hormones
because of my age[ in my opinion a agood cop out]. T he flushing lasted
day both times and it was extremely uncomfortable. I guess what i really
to know is
1. is it possible to have rosacea without the accompanying spots ** yes it possible to have mild rosacea with mininmal redness but the thred
veins across the cheeks,but at the same time blepharitis *** yes
3. Am i going mad. *** no we all react the same and unfortunately doctors
are not always that helpful!

Everything i have read points to rosacea, but no one seems to be taking it

Yours sincerely

p.s. sorry for the rambling tone of this letter it is just that I am so
frustrated. if i knew that irt coulnd't or probably wasn't rosacea then i
could research other reasons for my condition

Hi Anne it does sound to me as though it is extremely likely that you do
have rosacea and your eyes problems could be related but don't panic and as
you point out I am not qualified in medicine in anyway. I would recommend
trying my Aloe Vera regimen.
Go over my site again and other information sources of info, you will get it
under control, I've attached the info I send with Aloe Vera orders I hope it
is of help to you. Remember I had terrible rosacea which lead me to
depression and thoughts of suicide now it is under control, so don't give
up. Loteprednol eyedrops may be worth discussing with your doctor.
Keep in touch Anne.
best wishes and take care


HI Kevin!
My skin is clearing up totally...thank the lord aboveeee and differin woohooooooo.Back to my old beautiful self yeehawwwwwwwwwwwww- How are u doing today? Can i ask u something-is it really hard living with rosacea? How is ur face now? By the way, I send becky an email she was on that penpal list thingy that u have on ur website-great way to get people bonding who are suffering from the same disorder and are able to offer mutual consolation and advice. I think it is really great what u have done-I really think ur amazing whoever u are -Will from the UK-u really make such an amazing difference in people's lives.Ur really something else!!!!!!!!!!! Whoever is married to u is one lucky bitch....LOL and I say that regardless to how red u are or might be :) I spoke to my dermatologist, he says he doesn't think i will get it but then who knows....for now I have a mild case of acne vulgaris vulgaris that just cleared up.Just pray for me will ya Will :).Anyhow I kinda realized over the past couple of weeks what is truly important in life and it is a far cry from a pretty is a pretty soul and u certainly have a very pretty soul. Take care my friend and thanks again for being such an angel in those tough times when people really need one in their lives.

Hi Sheila just got back from a few days in Scotland (and being eaten alive by midges lol), I can't thank you enough for your kind comments they make me feel great! My skins ok now a few up's and downs but not anything that bothers me overmuch thanks. Many people in the public eye with strong personalities cope very well with skin conditions I've noticed it can be more trying for us mere mortals. I'll have to go and catch up with the work that's piled up now hehe, bye for now Sheila.

best wishes and take care


Hi Nina
that is excellent news and I must apologise for the delay. Apart from being
eaten alive by the midges (small flies) when we made a hide to photograph
the deer (which didn't turn up hehe which is hardly suprising as my sister
insisted on smoking! if you can imagine us sitting in the dark in the forest
my sister and me arguing my wife trying to keep the peace and my son wanting
to go paddling in the stream and being eating by flies you'll get the
picture hehe mind you I do like a holiday when its nice to get home again!)
we had a good break thank you.
best wishes and take care

Subject: RE: Ordered products
Kevin! I hope your holiday was a relaxing one, and that you enjoyed your
time to regroup and move forward. Unfortunately, Americans put alot of
in the work ethic, and holidays are as action-packed and as unrelaxing as
the usual 40+ hour work week. It has certainly impacted our overall
and mental health status in a negative way, I am afraid. I did recieve
products and have been using them for 1 week now. At first the face wash
aloe burned slightly, but after a few washes that disappeared. The acne vulgaris
cleared up significantly and the redness is at this time unnoticeable. I
have used the hair wash along with mayonnaise and lemon for a conditioner,
and have had good results. Prior to using the wash, I would get redness if
the conditioner came in contact with my face. I commend you on your web
support group. I am an RN in wound management and know that a positive
image is essential for each and every human being. I will continue to use
your products, and plan to refer others to your web site. Thanks so much!

Subject: Rhinophyma

I am currently taking low-dose accutane for mild stage rhinophyma. I am
38-years-old and a woman. The disease developed literally overnight and
without warning. I am tired of reading that women don't get
rhinophyma. The only other signs of rosacea that I display are mildly
bloodshot eyes. I can actually feel the enlarged sebaceous glands at
the end and sides of my nose. My derm feels fairly confident that
accutane will shrink these growths and reduce the swelling. I also plan
to do laser and/or photoderm in the future.

My question to you is: what is the success ratio for rhinophyma
sufferers treated with accutane? No one seems to know much about it.
Also, is there anyone else out there that you know of who is being
treated with accutane to treat rhinophyma? I am trying to be
optimistic, but it's hard when your nose is growing right in front of
your eyes.

Any advice or info would be greatly appreciated.




Hi Sheila I can't remember if I sent you the info below but I'll enclose it just in case. It will give you an insight into rosacea triggers and may help in the future. Don't forget acne vulgaris and rosacea are two totally different diseases and haveing one will not lead to the other (although I've had both doh! hehe never mind).

best wishes and take care


Subject: Help
Dear sir/madam,
I was scanning through the web for alternative treatments for acne vulgaris when I
came across your site. Lately I have been feeling particularly down and
words made me feel less alone so thankyou for that.
I have had acne vulgaris for 10 years now and seems to be getting worse rather than
better, doctors and dermatolgists alike have given up on me and passed me
to the next practitioner who just doesn't want to know.
I have been prescribed Roaccatan (spelling?) and all sorts of antibiotics
with no effect. I'm going to be 30 soon and it has completely destroyed my
life, I have no confidence, no self esteem, no friends etc.
But enough of my ramblings. My question to you is whether you know of the
best alternative / natural medicine or a good web site to start from as
prescribed drugs simply have not worked for me.
Thanks in anticipation.

Hi David well your not alone friend your part of a group of tens of
thousands of people who feel exactly the same as you do. Firstly what about
replying to some of the penpal messages or better yet give me a message to
put on - you sound like a great guy and I know you will get plenty of
replies and make friendships that way. I understand how down you feel and
if you are tearful, have a loss of appetite, disturbed sleep for more than a
week you must see your Doctor and explain in writing how you feel and what
is happening to you. I have been severely depressed and seriously suicidal
with rosacea in the past, things do get better, don't make the same mistake
I did of not thinking they will. I didn't meet my wife until I was 34, I
was just the same as you, I now have a great family and home, and for the
first time a job I enjoy, my website - I wouldn't have thought any of this
possible at your age, 30 is still very young, things are easier as you get
older believe me. I think your best bet for your acne vulgaris Vulgaris IS
prescribed medication. There are plenty of treatments to try still, have
you had systemic isotretinoin prescribed by a hostpital specialist this is
the most powerful treatment for acne vulgaris Vulgaris, it can have many side effects
but is considered safe under hospital supervision - some links to resources
are on my new page. DO NOT stand for Doctors not taking you seriously you
have every right to DEMAND SUCCESSFUL TREATMENT print this email out and
tell them I'm considering starting a page NAMING & SHAMING Doctors who don't
take skin disease seriously - some doctors attitudes make me SICK. Firstly
try some different antibiotics erythromycin for instance, try topical
Benzamycin for a while, then topical Isotrexin and then see about systemic
isotretinoin if you and your Dermatologist (get your GP to refer you) think
that is going to be a safe option. Let me know how you get on and don't be
a stranger David, remember I had acne vulgaris till about 38 that went but the
rosacea stayed DOH!!! hehe never mind - remember to play to your strengths,
what your a good at, interested in, what you are realistically capable of
and don't hammer yourself for what you think you should do or have - that's
how I cope anyway.
best wishes and take care

ps this is info for rosacea suffers I send with order it may be of some use.

Subject: Update on homeopathy treatment

Dear kcn,

I thought I would keep you posted with development of homeopathy treatment after 4 months so far. The good news is that it is having an effect by reducing/eliminating the redness from the outside of my face...bad news is that I have a strip of red in the middle of my forehead , inner cheeks , nose and chin. Also as it reduces the skin has a more raised appearance and as a consequence looks more red (only at this point did people at work start to comment if I had a rash even though I've had rosacea for over 4 years).

I've recently taken a different approach to use a chinese medicine approach (herbal remedies). This has reduced the redness somewhat but still quite a way to go.

From week 20 emails, Sam was embarking on homeopathy treatment and I would be interested to hear how she gets on with it and also how the rosacea reduces.

Bottom line is that the treatments work (but expensive) and will take some time to work...say a year. If more rosacea sufferers used this approach then perhaps this would allow homeopaths to have a better understanding for curing it.

Best wishes


oops just pressed the wrong button and sent your own email back to you (haven't had breakfast yet that's my excuse and it's 11.30am lol). Thank you so much for keeping in touch Graham. I'll print your email and hopefully Sam will read it and keep in touch too. What specific remedies have you tried? of course homoeopathic remedies will vary person to person and not by disease, but people will ask! hehe. I think the important thing with anything is to get a good practioner preferably recommended by someone you know, not to spend too much money without trying a variety of other treatments. Interesting about people not noticing overall redness but a rash like appearance. I sincerely hope you have success Graham and look forward to your next update.

Subject: one more thing

One more thing. Here's a product you might like to look into. I picked it
up in the UK earlier this year from Boots. It has a pansy on the box. It's
sold in the homeopathic/skin section.

I haven't got the box anymore, but the blister pack says: Gerard House,
SKIN, PL Holder Associated Health Foods Ltd.

Very likely it's a liver cleaner (although it does not say this. Probably
not allowed to.), but it's sold as a skin supplement.

It seemed to be doing something.

Even though you have the aloe caps on your list, it might be good to have
alternatives because I believe you should rotate your herbs seasonally for
maximum efficacy.

Best wishes,


P.S. Just noticed (!) you take plastic. Yipee!

Thanks so much Cathy I'll contact them and see if Boots have got exclusive
rights, they usually do ):

But I'll put your email on the next update and people can try it from Boots
if they wish.
best wishes and take care

Subject: aloe OK!
Hello, Kevin,

I wanted to say thanks for the Aloe gel. It arrived Tuesday. For the first
couple of days I only put it on two small areas of my face: 1) where
glasses often cause spots on the nose and 2) on my jaw, a particularly
rosacea'd area. Results were good. In fact, the irritation spots on my
responded and began to go away almost immediately.

So Friday I went for broke and put the aloe gel all over my face. Good
news: no irritation. This is what I'd been worried about, since I am very
sensitive (I can't bare to walk past make-up counters with all the counter
ladies calling to me about my sensitive skin. As if I didn't know!!!!).

My skin looks pretty "settled".

I had been getting photoderm, mind. And this is a blessing. But my skin
likes making blemishes at a superhuman speed. I'm hoping the aloe gel will
help stop this (***do you think the aloe targets a particular bacteria or
something?***) So far, so good.

Years ago I met someone who did facials and said aloe "gelly" of a certain
kind helped a lot. She was in a different country, so I couldn't go see
her more than once a year for two years. But your aloe gel now brings
echoes of the little bit of product she gave me to try.

Yes, there obviously is something in aloe, and as long as it's formulated
the right way it probably does at least some good.

Anyway, I'm writing to say that if people you correspond with say they
would like to try the aloe but are afraid b/c they are very sensitive you
can tell them another very sensitive-skinned person found it caused no
reaction at all.

Good luck!


Hi Cathy thank you so much for your email - I've put your message on the new
homepage I'm trying out (on my wifes advice hehe, she works in a shop doing
displays, so I hope she knows what she's talking about!). I believe the
Aloe works primarily as an antiinflammatory and antibacterial agent. If you
could give me any details of your experiences of Photoderm anytime that
would be great reading for others. Thanks Cathy - oh and I find the Aloe as
effective as metronidazole for spots so good luck, I apply it generously to
persistent spot areas and thank god it does the trick!.
best wishes and take care

Subject: thanks

Thank you very much for your response. I have actually decided to
stop taking antibiotics all together, at least for the time being. I got
this book from the Internet called acne vulgaris miracle and it has a whole different
view on what cases acne vulgaris. I have completely changed my diet and take tons of
vitamins. I feel so much better about my acne vulgaris and myself, I still and a
little hesitant to go out in public but I don't cry everyday and think about
ways of killing myself. It is a nice break too, I have been on antibiotics
for about two years (not the same ones) and this way it gives my body a
chance to rest if my new way of eating does not work I can always try again.
Now I just need something to get rid of the hyperpigmentation, do you know of
anything good? Thanks again:)

Hi excellent! very positive, it is a battle but we've got to keep up the fight! You could ask your doctor about laser treatments if he/you thinks it applicable, perhaps try my Aloe Vera gel, vitamin c or e cream, there's vitamin e in my moisturiser that could be worth a go, let me know how your diet goes. And if your feeling down email me anytime or check out the penpals page, it's very popular with good reason!

best wishes and take care


Subject: Enlargement of the nose


I have a quick question about acne vulgaris rosacea and enlargement of the nose. How do you know this is happening? Is it sore? I have acne vulgaris-rosacea and have had infections in my nose since my second child was born 3 months ago. I do not believe in anti-biotics and I am seeing my naturopathic doctor soon, who I hope will help wipe out the infection. However, I am concerned that my condition may be affecting my nose.

On the plus side, only my cheeks are slightly red - not my nose. Is my nsal problem likely to be unrelated?

Thanks for your help


Hi Michaela only your Doctor after a consultation will be able to answer your question. Rhinophyma is seen as enlargement of the sebum producing glands and the pores in the skin. Redness, flakiness itching can be symptoms but it is uncommon in either sex but much more likely to be severe in men. I have attached some info I send with Aloe Vera skin care products. Beware your Naturapath doesn't prescribe a multi vitamin with Niacin in! (I have one available Niacin free) don't say anything just see if he/she does.

I saw a naturapath, highly respected in my area, years ago, she prescribe hot and cold water rinses for god's sake - one of the worst things I could have done!

best wishes and take care


Subject: Help

Hi kcn

I am 29 and suffer from from rosacea, although this is no longer my main
problem as i had ETS surgery 3 years ago, in a bid to help my facial
flushing, but this has resulted in terrible compensatroy sweating problems. I
really don't know what to do, my personal and working life has been afftected
so much and i am now in a desperate situation. My GP is not very helpful and
i am so dissappointed that i was never even told of any possible side effects
by the surgeon who carried out my operation and therefore my ability to make
an informed decision of whether to proceed was taken away from me, along with
my £3000!!!! I have been made aware of the possibilty of reversal surgery,
but this is £13000 (which i don't have) and comes with no guarantees. Please
do you have any comments or words of hope/ideas????


Hi Alex I sympathise deeply with you. I turned down the possibility of ETS surgery on the NHS (the British health service where medical treatment is free) details are on one of the readers email pages at the top. My best advice is to have a look at my reviewed links page, there are many websites there full of information on this specialised subject which I sincerely hope will be of help to you, please let me know. I gleaned most of my knowledge on the subject from those pages. Please also be aware of depression from the stress you are suffering, lack of appetite, disturbed sleep, tearfullness etc should be discussed with your Doctor and appropriate medication prescribed sooner rather than later.

best wishes and take care


Subject: suitable skin products

I have recently been told that I have acne vulgaris rosacea and am conscious of the fact that the skin products which I had previously been advised to use (Clarins' Sensitive Skin range) are of no help and in fact appear to make my skin worse at times. I am 47 so want to find products which will cleanse and moisturise a 'mature' skin with rosacea.

Acupuncture was recommended to me as being good for rosacea and I am currently undergoing this - 8 sessions so far. The acne vulgaris seems to have developed since this started and the rosacea has yet to improve! My acupuncturist has given me a liquid multivitamin and mineral concoction from the States which at £25 for a month's supply seems a little expensive if there is something else which will be as beneficial.

I would welcome your advice on skin products and mineral/vitamins.

With best wishes,


Hi Trish I tried acupuncture for some months, it can help some conditions but it didn't help my acne vulgaris or rosacea. I have a one a day multi vitamin which doesn't have niacin in but the B vitamin nicotinamide, this is essential to rosacea sufferers as niacin aggravates flushing and therefore most other rosacea symptoms - if the multivitamin you have been prescribed has niacin in it is contributing to your symptoms not helping! (niacinamide is also a suitable form of this b vitamin), my vitamins are one a day and UK£6.95 for 30 (a month's supply) I take them every day along with Aloe Vera tablets. I would recommend my cleanser and moisturiser they are very popular products with regular customers whom have rosacea. I would also recommend the Aloe Vera gel which while I cannot guarantee results (because all our body chemistry's are different and no treatment works for everyone) does help very many including myself with symptomatic relief from rosacea. The 200ml cleanser, 50ml moisturiser and 200ml gel together is what I call my "Complete Regimen" it's UK£22.85 including UK postage, it should last for 6-12 weeks depending on usage of course. I have a page < you may find helpful it has tips about makeup products on and other useful advice sent in by readers.

best wishes and take care


Subject: Still waiting
I am half way through my third pack of dianette, and although my skin is
dryer (oiliness was never a problem though) I am still gettging infected
sore spots, too sore to touch, often in clusters. Sometimes my skin is
clear, but never for more than a couple of days and I'm always waiting
for the next breakout. how long will it take for the dianette to kick
in? I used to take minocycline but with little effect, i had a hormone
test which revealed the androgen problem so I thought dianette would be
the answer to all my problems, is it too soon to tell?


Hi I would check back with your Doctor and perhaps try a topical treatment
at the same time if he/she thinks that suitable. Perhaps Benzamycin,
Isotrexin, erythromycin etc. Unfortunately it can take time so stick in
there! Let me know how you get on.
best wishes and take care

Subject: help

I am eighteen and for all my teenage years with the help of retin-a micro and
a 100 mg tablet of minocycline every other day i had perfect skin, until
about may 2001 my doctor and i reduced the dose to 50 mg and after that my
skin got steadily worse and by graduation i was very broken out. since then
we have tried increasing the dose which did not work, switching me to 150 mg
clindamycin twice a day which improved it slightly, but then it got bad again
so we added 25 mg aldactone, not to mention the retin-a and cleocin-t and
that has not worked. This is so difficult for me, a normally very happy
social person to be trapped in the house for because I am so ashamed of my
face. I am going off to college soon and I will not be able to survive I
have noticed that my doctor is hesitant to give me something like accutane
because my skin is not that severe, but I am still greatly effected by it. I
am thinking of asking him to put me on 500 mg of erythrocycline twice a day
and am wondering if that is a good idea. please help.

Hi I know exactly how you feel, this is a very difficult time for you maybe the most difficult you will have in your life, but you will get through it. I'm not sure if you are female but if you are you could ask your Doctor about Dianette the contraceptive pill (remember contraceptive pills can be less effective when taking antibiotics) many women find it a help for their acne vulgaris Vulgaris. Also benzamycin is very popular a combination topical treatment of benzoyl peroxide and erythromycin. I would ask your doctor for referral to a specialist as your skin condition is understandably causing you such distress, you must tell you doctor what effect it is having and likely to have on you social life and studies,write it down and hand it to the doctor at consultation, it is common for us skin sufferers to be emotionally scarred for life and that needs to be balanced against the possible side effects of systemic isotretinoin. My wife takes erythromycin tablets and finds them helpful for her acne vulgaris (I was going to break into song and sing "it's a family affair" there but I wont'). Let me know how you get on and why not put a message on my penpals page or reply to some on there it does help to talk to others in the same situation.

best wishes and take care


Subject: rosthwaite
Hi Mick cottage in Rosthwaite?, I'm green with envy!
I was weaned on Theakston's in the public bar there, my older brother used
to take me on walks when I was young and then into the pub lol! Strangely
enough I remember when in that bar as a kid a young women having a good
laugh with some guys playing darts, drinking etc she was having a great
time, when someone pointed out how red her face was, she went into the
toilets to check it and then came out so embarressed grabbed her coat and
left although her friends were wanting her to stay, although I was young I
could see her distress and felt so sorry for her that it has always stayed
with me, but it wasn't till years later I realised what it was and that I
too was to suffer the same affliction of rosacea. Thank god I've got my
Aloe Vera!
best wishes and take care

Hello Kevin,
That's the first time you've used your name I think; are you giving the
a more personal feel? I've been to Borrowdale valley loads of times
a friend of mine has a cottage in Rosthwaite. If you've not already tried
it I recommend a pint of Theakston's Old Peculiar in the pub/hotel there -
top stuff!
I might also get a balaclava because it's so frustrating not being able to
go on walks in the cold air; it might look a bit odd but there aren't that
many people on the top of Scafell are there?

Take care,

Hello kcn,
It's been quite a while since I last emailed you so I thought I'd give you
an update. I've been back to my Dermatologist who has now prescribed me
propranolol beta blockers (60 mg / day), but I've been taking them for
a month now and I don't think they're having any effect with reducing
flushing etc. I've read on a few sites that other people also think that
they're useless and I remember you saying that they were not that good so
don't hold much hope for them. I still have really dry and sensitive skin
but find that aqueous cream and your aloe gel are soothing for that. I
on holiday to Scotland last week which was good fun but really not great
my face; we went walking a few days and the cold wind really did me in - I
swear my face was helping light up the tent that night!
On the brighter side I managed to get a First in my degree so things are
going well there, and I'm set for doing a computing MSc that starts in a
few weeks. I've also moved out of London so it's still a novelty how
everything is!

Take care,

ps How are your other products going? Do you think the herbal tablets are
having any effects?

Subject: Accutane/Bleph??

Hi, I know that there is a documented connection between Accutane and Blepharitis - my question is will the Bleph go away? It actually started a week after I was off Accutane.

Hi Corey thanks for writing, I'm sorry to say that is outside of my experience, some good sites to try are < and < for further info.

best wishes and take care


Subject: in need for help!

To whom it may concern,

Hello my name is Heather and I am a 16 year old female from
Massachusetts. I am not sure if your treatment will help me but I will just
give my question a shot. Does it help facial blushing as well as rosacea and
acne vulgaris? I have just been having the worst time with it for a while and now that
school is just around the corner I am afraid my self confidence will go down
even lower. So if you could help me that would be extremely helpful and if
not thank you for your time.



Hello there

At the age of 42, my rosacea was diagnosed within weeks of onset by a good GP. It appeared almost overnight 3 years ago with my pre-menopausal hormone changes and is definitely cyclical and although it never goes away, it dries up near ovulation. It arrived at the same time (again almost overnight following a trip abroad) as back, joint,muscle pain and fatigue so was disguised for a while until tests eliminated viral-induced rheumatoid arthritis and other "abroad" diseases. I've been treated with Tetracycline which was good at keeping it at bay for a while (now resistant to it) and I'm currently on several-months-worth of erythromycin which has helped a little but it's slow progress up to now. 3 years on my rash has now become distinctly "Butterfly " shaped over my nose and cheeks and my GP is now investigating if I have "Lupus". We discussed the possibility of links between Lupus and acne vulgaris rosacea and I am looking for information. Have you heard of such a connection ?


Hi Susie I haven't heard of a connection but I'll post your email and we'll see if we get any info. I've attached some info to this email I hope it is helpful.

best wishes and take care


Hi, I have rosacea and have been using Noritate for the last 6 months to try and fix it. Recently I also began using Minocycline and Clonidine. At first, The clonidine seemed to help my rosacea ALOT, but now it seems, that 8 or so hours after I take the clonidine it wears off, and the rosacea comes back, probably twice as bad as it would have been if I had never taken the clonidine in the first place. Is this a problem you have heard of other people having?


Hi Adam

yes I found the same thing, I've read you may get dangerous reactive high blood pressure following stopping Clonidine so always follow your Doctors advice and check with him/her for details of how to use your medication.


Subject: (no subject)
My partner has (after much persuasion from myself)visited his G.P.and
been diagnosed as having AR. He has been prescribed Metrogel and I was
wondering about the success rate/side effects. Also, he doesn't seem to
take this condition very seriously, should he? Last thing - is this
condition inherited?
Thanks and well done on a very informative web page!

Laura (Glasgow)

Hi Laura
I don't have exact figures on the success rate of metronidazole, the thing
to do is to use it and see if it helps, if not you may want to consider my
Aloe Vera regimen or other treatments as mentioned on my site.
Unfortunately doctors don't seem to take skin diseases like acne vulgaris and rosacea
seriously, and the same has been reported to me from all over the world. As
discussed on the site, the psychological impact should not be
underestimated. Eye and nose enlargement complications are also discussed
on the site but should not be worried about needlessly. <
and < will have all the info you need on side effects of drugs.
I've attached the info I send with orders I hope it is of help and please
let me know if I can help further.
best wishes and take care

Subject: help me

I am 33 years of age and have just be diagnosed as having rosacea. My GP wants to pescribe me with antibiotics long term .

I feel I have no way to turn, please help me. What do I do.

I would love some ideas on other courses of treatment.

yours sincerely

an extremely red face.

Hi thank you for writing. There are other things to try but I would try the antibiotics and see how you get on with them and discuss the results with your Doctor. You will benefit from reading as much as you can on my site, especially the readers emails, it will give you many insights and of course I can't reproduce all that here. You may wish to consider my Aloe Vera skin care regimen of Aloe Vera gel, cleanser and moisturiser. After reading my site < and there are over a thousand emails! let me know of any questions you have and I'll do my best to answer them. I've attached the sheets of info that I send with Aloe Vera orders, I hope that is of some help.

best wishes and take care


Subject: Stress related rosacea
Dear kcn,

Congratulations once again on your site which is of great comfort to
me when ever I'm feeling fed up with this affliction!
I was wondering if you had heard of the link between rosacea and childhood

Recently I came across an article in a womans magazine about the
stating that research was being carried out on rosacea sufferers which
a link between childhood trauma and adult rosacea. The research had found
that these people on receiving counselling for past traumas noted a marked
deduction in the symptoms of rosacea.

Of course this cannot be the case in all sufferers, a lot of people could
have had happy childhood's and still have to put up with rosacea, but I
think it's an interesting concept.
Afterall no-one is really certain as yet what exactly causes the condition
and why some individuals are more prone to it.
Anyway the mystery goes on (unfortunately!!) but at least we don't have to
put up with it passively!

Well done again!

Hi Paula
great to hear off you again, how's sunny Dublin? I bet it's as cold and wet
as Carlisle lol, mind you the sun's out today for the first time in what
seems a month! and my new waterproof coat has just come in the post ordered
on the internet of course, I'll have to get my boy to spray me with the hose
pipe to test it, I'm sure he'll enjoy that (especially if it leaks) hehe!.

That really is interesting about childhood traumas, I hope we get others
writing in about it when I put the letter on the site. It wouldn't surprise
me in the least, it's now known that traumas that happen to pregnant women
affect the unborn resulting in less tolerance to pain in later life amongst
other things which is amazing and of course the human brain isn't fully
developed until a child is a few years old and events will affect there
development. It's another interesting avenue to explore indeed.
Talk to you soon.
best wishes and take care

I would like to tell you that my wife she has with very clean face, now, just before some months started to coming pimples too much we dont know the reason, some one told me the reason may be the hormone, just before she suffered jaundice

now it come clear bust still pimples are there, we do not know what is sudden reason for this pimples. now her face becoming to much pimples. Please advice me what to do. Now we stared to use Kalamine lotion.

expecting your advise. and istruct me which medicine we can start to use.

Hi thank you for your enquiry. It is essential for your wife to see a doctor and get proper diagnosis and prescribed medication. If your wife is found to be suffering from rosacea you may wish to try my Aloe Vera regimen of skin care products in conjunction with your doctor prescribed medication. Let me know what your doctor says.

best wishes and take care


ps I've attached info relevant to rosacea that I send with orders, if the triggers apply to you rosacea may be a possibility.

Subject: acne vulgaris site
Your site is very informative, as I have been very concerned with my acne vulgaris
problem since I was 10 years old. I am now 21 and I see a dermatologist
regularly, who has prescribed me with an antibiotic called Dynacin. It
has not helped me completely. I was reading up on the ingrediants in
cosmetics that can cause breakouts, and my question for you is, are you
of a specific brand that does not contain those ingrediants? I have been
using Clinique pressed powder because it claims to be oil-free and
non-comedigenic. However, I still have my acne vulgaris, and I know that the makeup
has a lot to do with it. Please let me know what is a good brand to try, I
don't care how expensive it is. thank you for your time.


Hi Amanda thank you for your kind comments they are very much appreciated.
Make up is a very popular subject, I've had appeals on the site for info and
if you go to the just tips page via readers emails at <
you will find the helpful emails that readers have sent in. I hope it is of
help. I have no diffinitave answers on the subject I'm sorry to say. < is the page just click on that.
best wishes and take care

Subject: make-up
I found your site by accident because i was looking for information on
Dianette I have been taking for a month and was wondering when it was
to start working. I have mild acne vulgaris which flares up the 2 weeks before my
period but my real problem is not the spots (which i can conceal) but the
reddness on my cheeks which makes my face look disgusting. I am 19 and
makes my life hell, for the 3 weeks a month my skin is red and blotchy I
hate going out. I wash with neutrogena extra gentle and I dont use the
metrogel because I find itmakes it even more red and sore- can you apply
moisturiser over it? I have solved the makeup problem for people who are
stressed about it- Use a small amount of Lancome Maqui-Libre all over
which is really flattering but you can still see a bit reddness so using a
good quality brush use a loose powder I use Laura Mercia translucent all
over and lots of it which gives a good finish and u cant see any red! I
even use blusher over the top. My skin is very pale so I cant use this in
the day in winter so use Yincent Longo Liquid canvas instead of Lancome
which you can build up but the powder makes all the difference. I hope
helps some people who are embarassed like me. Also what dietary changes
should I make? I eat very unhealhily. Does sugar or wheat make it worse,
or red meat? Has anyone tried the blood-type diet? Please send me a
message because I would like to cleanse myself from the inside and need
help. Sarah xx

Hi Sarah
thanks for the excellent make up advice I shall put it on the just tips page
(readers emails). I've enclosed the info I send with my Aloe Vera skin care
products, see if the triggers apply to you if so rosacea may be a
possibility. Apart from the dietary advice in my sheets and maybe taking a
multivitamin if your diet is not perfect as I do, I didn't find diet made
that much difference, but of course anything is worth trying as long as it
does you no harm. You will need to be patient a little longer to see if
Dianette is going to help, many women find it does but of course if it
doesn't there are many other treatments for you to try, many mentioned on my
site. You may wish to consider my Aloe Vera regimen of gel, cleanser and
moisturiser many find help with symptoms such as yours. Let me know how you
get on Sarah.
best wishes and take care

Subject: skin promlems

i am 17years old felmale and i have bad acne vulgaris on my apples of my cheeks and sometimes on my chin and to top it all off i have senitive skin i tryed every product know to man! but i havent gone to the doctors yet is they anything he can he can give me to get rid of my persistant acne vulgaris?

Yes there are many treatments and my recommended course of action is to see your doctor for prescribed medication after a correct diagnosis. Please have a look at the acne vulgaris treatments page at < and the readers emails for more info. Many people find my Aloe Vera regimen helpful for symptoms such as yours. I've enclosed the info I send with my orders if you can relate to the triggers, rosacea may be a possibility and you should discuss that with your doctor also.

best wishes and take care


: acne vulgaris treatment


I'm 37 years old and have suffered with sever acne vulgaris since the age of 15. Over the years I have tried every treatment in the book, some had no effect at all the others such as Accutane proved effective only whilst on the treatment and my acne vulgaris returned with in 2 months of stopping treatment. I thought I would never be free of my acne vulgaris until my doctor put me on Benzamycin about four years ago. For me it was like a wonder drug, within 4 weeks of using the cream my acne vulgaris had gone, and without all the side affects that go with Accutane. Over the years I have been able to drop the dosage to one application every other day and still remain 95% free of acne vulgaris.

I wish that was the end of my story, however about 2 months ago when I tried to re-new my prescription for Benzamycin I was informed by the chemist that Benzamycin was no longer available. This has proved to be a major blow to me as my acne vulgaris has now returned and my doctor to date has been unable to find an affective alternative treatment. Can you please tell me why Benzamycin is no longer available as my doctor has been unable find out why it is no longer available.

yours hopefully


Hi Andy it's me again, sorry for the delay I've had the flu! I checked with my local pharmacy in the UK and it is still available! Hope that's of some help.

best wishes and take care


Hi Kathleen

I and everyone else who search for and find the site understand how you feel, my family and friends never did and still don't fully understand - just thinking about it now perhaps that is a positive thing in that although our symptoms may make us deeply uncomfortable and have a psychological impact on us because we are worried about our appearance and the fluctuations of remission and flareups - the fact that our loved ones see what's underneath and really don't see why we should obsess about our skin condition when we probably have so much else going for us - shows they value us for the people we truly are. Mm quite a good thought to go to sleep on, right I'm off to bed!

Drop me a line next week Kathleen and let me know how you are. What about showing your family some of the site, your reaction is normal, perhaps they would understand better.

best wishes and take care


Subject: Re: Very distressed over rosacea


Thank you so much for your kindness. It is so nice to know that here are such caing people. I appreciate your help. Yes. I do have Dr. Nase's book and it has been helpful. I am debating to pursue paxil or accutane (I never took any meds before rosacea) I am trying to stay strong. My husband and family are quite frustrated with me. they don't seem to think that I should be this upset (of course, they love me) but I am not sure anyone can understand completely unless they have it (which i unfortunately the case with most things) I hope the next time I write I can offer something more than just asking for you help.


Subject: Re: Very distressed over rosacea
Subject: Re: Very distressed over rosacea

Hello kcn,

i call on your kindness once again because you have always responded. I have written you twice now and you have been helpful. My question to you is do you have any advice regarding swelling of the nose that does not seem to want to go down? Also, my eyes are becoming quite affected and I am concerned. The antibiotics do not seem to be helping me very much (actually think it might be making it worse) The despair is worse than ever, don't know where to turn next. No one should have to experience rosacea it is horrible. What amazes me is the suddeness of it all. I just keep hearing the derm say how mild it was and that if treated it wouldn't get any worse. Since I have treated it that is all it has done was get worse.

Thanks again,


Hi Kathleen great to hear off you again! Isotretinoin is sometimes used for severe swelling of the nose. There are light treatments that you may find helpful although finance can be a problem (I couldn't afford it) they are fotofacial/dermalight I don't really have much info on the site about them yet, (I've no personal experience of them so it's another job to get round to researching etc hehe) I have one link on my links page just for info, I don't know anything about the particular clinic, Loteprednol steroidal eyedrops are sometimes used for eye problems associated with rosacea. Could hormonal changes be affecting you at the moment? many women find this true, perhaps if this is the case your Doctor may be able to help with that. Have you tried my Aloe Vera products? there's no guarantee of course but they are worth a try for some symptomatic relief. Please contact people on the penpals section or better still write a note to me to put on. Stress is always a trigger and worrying about rosacea and the terrible symptoms is distressing, hypnotherapy in the right hands can be very helpful for relaxing and alleviating the stress that may be a trigger. I know how dreadful you feel Kathleen I have been there, I have been suicidal seriously suicidal in the past when I made the mistake of thinking things would never get better, I was wrong they have. You need to express your feelings to your Doctor, I too have suffered depression in the past from rosacea which went undiagnosed, please write down your feelings of despair and relate them to your Doctor. If your Doctor is useless go to another. you'll get through it, email me any time it's a pleasure talking to you. Let me know how you get on. Please, please, please don't give up.

best wishes and take care



I am using Vit A gel for acne vulgaris which has really helped but I am now left with red scars on my chin and forehead.

Do you know the best products to try with the Vit A that will help reduce the redness.


P.S Does glycolic acid help.


Hi John thanks for writing. I'm delighted you've had success with Vit A gel, I'll have to put that on my tips page. It can take quite a while for the redness left from spots to go and longer as we get older. Exfoliants such as glycolic acid and lactic acid cause the cells of the outer layer of the epidermis to come off, which is thought to improve the look of the skin, You may wish to give my Aloe Vera regimen a try many people find it a help.

best wishes and take care


Re: Very distressed over rosacea

Hello kcn,

i call on your kindness once again because you have always responded. I have written you twice now and you have been helpful. My question to you is do you have any advice regarding swelling of the nose that does not seem to want to go down? Also, my eyes are becoming quite affected and I am concerned. The antibiotics do not seem to be helping me very much (actually think it might be making it worse) The despair is worse than ever, don't know where to turn next. No one should have to experience rosacea it is horrible. What amazes me is the suddeness of it all. I just keep hearing the derm say how mild it was and that if treated it wouldn't get any worse. Since I have treated it that is all it has done was get worse.

Thanks again,



Subject: how are you now?
Hello, Kevin,

Good luck with putting together an interactive site. I'm sure I'll be

I have a little question. I was on your site (which looked different from
the current one) at the end of last year/beginning of this year. I seem
recall that somewhere along the line you said your face is now so pale
people are wondering whether you're sick. And that drinking didn't seem to
cause you to go red anymore (If I remember correctly). Is this still true?

These are the results I'm looking for (yeah, and everyone else writing to
you!). And I'd be happy to take a chance with the gel to start (I know
nothing's guaranteed) so long as your results remain so good.

Please let me know. Thank you.


Hi Cathy yep it's still me and the same old site - I keep changing it
around, colours and what not just for a change. Yes I remember saying that,
I was talking about when I excercise I used to get very red in the face and
of course sweat would irritate my skin further. I'm not trying to make out
these products are any miracle cure they are not, but they can help with the
symptoms of the ongoing chronic skin conditions. In line with that I still
have up's and down's with my rosacea depending on triggers etc but the
fluctuations are much diminished and my products the most effective solution
I've found to date. Yes excercise can make my skin pale now which is great
(instead of stopping traffic lol!), the day to day redness is much lessened,
spots emminently treatable, no itching, flaking or irritation, much less
flushing and non without external stimuli etc etc.
Alcohol also has stopped being a trigger for me too so take heart!

But we are all individuals with different reactions to all treatments and as
you rightly point out I offer no guarantee's but I feel strongly that my
products are worth trying and as they start at the price of a couple of
magazines there's not much to lose.

best wishes and take care

Subject: Info


I have A very dear friend who is suffering from ar - she has been using antibiotics from her doctor - but with no improvement. She does not have the internet so I have been doing some research for her, and found your site. Is it possible to contact you by telephone, or to purchase the products from you in a way separate from the internet



Hi Jan thank you very much for writing on behalf of you friend. I dont' offer telephone support I'm afraid there's only me! and I'd have no time for anything else hehe. I'm going to put together some basic information from the site for those who don't have internet access and most rosacea sufferers will not. At the moment to print out the site well it would be dozens of pages so if your friend would like to write to me at:

I'll try to get some info together which I can send.

best wishes and take care


Subject: Products I recommend and also I am looking for some advice

Hi my name is Sarah I am 26 and have
suffering from acne vulgaris since I was 11. I would like to tell you my acne vulgaris
history, recommend some skin care products and ask for some advice.

When my acne vulgaris was first diagnosed by my doctor, when I was a young
he prescribed Dalicin T Topical Solution for me. I had acne vulgaris all over my
face, but it was particularly bad on my cheeks, which were all lumpy and
inflamed. The Dalicin T helped a lot, keeping my breakouts under control
although it didn't clear it up completely. As I got older it improved
mainly my cheeks being affected, with my t-zone remaining clear. When I
19 I went on the pill to help control my acne vulgaris and again this helped. But
still got spots, especially bad ones when I was stressed - they were big,
sore lumps under my skin. After trying Minocin in addition to the pill
Dalicin T my doctor referred me to a dermatologist and I was put on a 16
week course of Roaccutane when I was 21. This did help to clear up my
acne vulgaris,
although I had horrendous mood swings when I was on it and regularly felt
suicidal. My breakouts became less frequent and my spots weren't as big
sore. However my acne vulgaris didn't completely clear up and I went back to my
dermatologist who put me on a second course of Roaccutane when I was 23.
Again this helped but I still got spots but they were much less severe. I
remained on Dianette and Minocin but have recently stopped taking them
Now I don't really get spots on my cheeks, which was the area that used to
be most affected but now get breakouts on my forehead, sides of my face
chin. It seems that the courses of Roacutane stopped the spots on my
but now they are just developing on different parts of my face. I find it
very difficult to handle my acne vulgaris now, especially because I have had two
courses of Roaccutane and I still suffer from frequent outbreaks. I feel
there is nothing more I can do.

I have tried various cosmetic products including Elizabeth Arden,
Lancome but I have found what really works for me are products by the
cosmetic company Clarins - I think they are fabulous. Although I have
acne vulgaris
I actually have dry and irritable skin and I find that traditional washes
etc. for acne vulgaris are too harsh for my skin, in fact making it worse. The
Clarins products however don't do this and they have been a saviour for
If I follow a strict skincare regime ie. washing morning and evening and
applying their mosturisers, gels and oils my skin looks pretty good
(considering). Here are some of the products that I highly recommend -

Clarins Gentle Foaming Cleanser for Dry or Sensitive Skin - this works
on my skin as it is quite dry and sensitive but they also have
for oily and combination skin.

Clarins Purifying Toning Lotion for Oily or Combination Skin - this
powders which help keep your skin matte and is very refreshing to use
you wash (it contains no alcohol)

Clarins Face Treatment Oil (Lotus) for Combination Skin prone to
Oiliness -
this is my favourite - it is an oil made from 100% pure plant extracts and
is amazing. I was very reluctant to use it because it is an oil but it
leaves your skin looking and feeling great.

Clarins Face Treatment Plant Cream (Lotus) for Combination Skin Prone to
Oiliness - this is a brilliant moisturiser, it is creamy without being
greasy and is a great base with or without makeup.

Clarins Normalizing Night Gel for Oily or Combination Skin - this helps to
regulate sebaceous secretions and leaves your skin matte but not dry.

Clarins Blemish Control Stick - This is a lotion which is applied
to individual spots or areas where breakouts occur. It calms them down
does appear to help get rid to them.

Clinique Dramatically Different Moisturiser - this is another good
moisturiser designed for all skin types which I use on and off. You can
apply as little or as much as is needed and it leaves your skin feeling

Clarins also have lots of other products made specifically for oily and
combination skin, these are just the ones that I use.

Phew this is a really long mail. There is just one final thing I would
to ask. Recently my doctor prescribed "Rozek Gel", active ingredient
metronidazole Ph.Eur 0.75% w/w, which I thought was for acne vulgaris but is in
for rosacea. Are acne vulgaris and rosacea related? At the moment I mainly suffer
from small little, uninflamed lumps under my skin, which don't go away,
I also get blackheads and whiteheads and larger spots. Do you know
about this product and can you think of why she prescribed it to me. I
would really appreciate a response and your opinions on my acne vulgaris (or
rosacea?). I really like the site and will consider investing in the Aloe
Vera products. Thanks.

Hi Sarah thank you very much for a wonderful email. I shall certainly pass
on your tips on the just tips page thanks! Metronidazole is usually
prescribed for rosacea, spots can be a symptom of rosacea. rosacea and acne vulgaris
Vulgaris are two seperate skin conditions/diseases but can be mistaken for
each other, please see the site for further info. I've attached the info I
send with my Aloe Vera products it may help to gain an insight of rosacea
which may help. I would not hesitate to insist on seeing a dermatologist
again if you feel you doctor is missing anything.
best wishes and take care

Subject: Re: Hello
hi again,

Thanks for writing me back. i guess i will wait until Monday to order via
the net. Its just much eaiser to me as i've never ordered anything from
another country via ground mail.

In the mean time i ordered an Aloe Vera Gel by the name of Aloe99 (the
green tube). Is this version as good as the one you sell??? i've heard it
is good. What do you think? It was a complete hassle trying to find it
somewhere in the USA. Every place i found it was in Europe and most did
not accept orders from the United States. I finally found one Pharmacy
here in California and i ordered from them as well as one in Europe and i
ordered one from them. We'll see which one has the better service.

I like the idea that the brands you have are meant for acne vulgaris (or rosacea).
I've used Cetaphil cream now for a long time and it didn't give me any
breakouts, but didn't help the awful burning and redness. Once i bought
some Aloe Vera at a drug store called Fruit of the Earth 100% Aloe Gel.
It ended up being to strong or something (maybe it had other chemicals
added?) and irratated my skin even more. So i'm going to use the
apperantly good versions like Aloe99 and the ones you carry.

Well, i read what you sent me and i just can't be sure its rosacea or a
side effect from very severe acne vulgaris and very aggressive treatment to fix
it. I can tell you in a little more detail what i experience (i know you
can't diagnose or anything). I constantly look like i have a sunburn.
sometimes i am so red it looks like i have a very, very severe burn. the
acne vulgaris scars turn even more red. The thing i find make me blush are
heat....big time. i have a fan running on me all night every night and
the air conditioner in my car. anything that involves heat does it (even
heaters warming a freezing house or me under blankets with no fan
running). i can't pinpoint any other factors. i don't drink caffiene or
alcohol, etc. This last week i had a bad redness attack and small red
spots on my cheeks. i couldn't see anything i did different except i ate
some spicy Guacamole. i cut that stuff out of my diet. i am trying to
avoid lots of sodium in foods and eat a lot of fruits and salad. Sugar is
more difficult to avoid but i am at least trying to cut down. My severe
acne vulgaris that i had usually i didn't find revolving around food. i was found
to have some bad endocrine disease and my androgen levels are 3 times
normal for a woman my age (i'm 24). That is what is causing acne vulgaris, etc.

My doctors that fortunately help me in my plight gave me high dose
accutane at 19 which greatly improved my skin (I had over 120 cysts on my
face alone...i remember counting and crying.....before accutane). My
stupid HMO never helps me and refused accutane when i was about 18 and
humiliated me in the process (my HMO has abused me forever....i stopped
going to doctors once i turned 18 except my dermatologist which i have to
pay for because he is outside my HMO). my derm gave me accutane twice
more over the years and finally agreed to give it to me long term.

he even noticed the redness i have. he asked if it ran in my family and
if it ever went away. i think he was considering rosacea, but didn't
mention it. i get joked with somewhat by friends and family. i try to not
take it to heart because they are not meaning at all to be hurtful. but
if i hear " hey, i think you are wearing to much blush" again i'm going
to scream! (i don't wear make-up). not to mention " how did you get those
big, red scratches (spots) on you". why do people have to point
everything out. at least i don't have significant acne vulgaris anymore. talk
about humiliating. that was the most awful time in my life. i'm also a
wheelchair user and people seem to have a problem with that as well! ah
well, what are ya gonna do!?!

so this is getting long. i just wanted to say thanks and see what you
think about the Aloe99 and my problems. thanks a bunch!!!!


P.S.--Yep, big time heat wave. its awful as i hate the heat. i live in
the San Francisco Bay Area although i live more in the inland rather than
by the sea so i get it even more! not to mention these stupid power
issues. thankfully i had saved all my work as i was working on my
computers and within 5 seconds of saving everything when dark. nice. i
like it here though as i'm a 3d animator and am surrounded by big
production houses that i hope to work in someday like ILM (the guys who
did Jurassic Park). right now i teach it at a college. anyway, i've never
been out of the country, but i've heard its pretty over there (although
it does rain all the time i guess as you said)......

Hi Angie great to hear from you again. The Aloe99 formulation is very close
to the Aloe Pura one I sell and you should find it suitable, I hope so, let
me know how you get on with it. Some friends and family! I don't call that
very supportive! it is incredible how insensitive people can be even those
close to you who should know better. Thats very interesting about endocrine
disease was any medication available to help with your hormone levels? Of
course your experiences with some doctors are all too commonly reported on
my pages, it makes me sick. My website server has been attacked by the red
alert virus so credit card integration is delayed a couple of days, I'll
phone them again on Monday! Try your gel and avoid other things on your
skin and let me know how you get on.
best wishes and take care

Dear kcn,

I received an email (probably others have as well) advertising the 'rosacea-resolved' website. Have you or any readers tried these products.

I am a user of gel and moisturiser products and they certainly help. I'm into month 4 of homeopathic treatment and this is progressing well. The liquid medication is gradually contracting the rosacea from the edge of my face inwards (people notice it more now but I feel it is getting better). You never know by the end of the year it may be gone !

Keep up the good work


Hi Graham how do you think rosacea-resolved got hold of your email? are you on my penpals page?.

I think the site has been started by someone who has rosacea and emailed me a couple of weeks ago with this so called information. I'm afraid I don't give it any credibility whatsoever, no individual has unique information in this day and age - if there is something that works it is soon in the public domain, there are no secrets! The guy may be geniune (and by his email to me he probably is and I wish him luck) but who's to say that he hasn't mistaken dermatitis for rosacea or whatever, one persons opinion is not a scientific study I'm afraid.

best wishes and take care


Hello kcn

What a fantastic site!!! So informative a great comfort to know one is not
alone!!! I have a questionfor you. I suffer from flushing mainly around
nose and chin and a little on myforehead. I have combination skin, and it
can get quite oily at times. I don't have any spots and my skin condition
quite good, but this redness is so tiresome, it really gets me down. What
want to know is, would your products be too oily for my skin? I have
noticed that most people seem to have dry flaky skin, is it possible for
someone with my skin type to also be suffereing from rosacea? Pls advise
soon as possible, as I will definitely purchase your products if they are
not too rich for me. Also, I am currently using an aloe vera gel, but am
unable to use it under makeup as my skin goes all flaky. Would your gel be
more suitable for daytime use?

Many thanks, keep up the good work


Hi Sandra thank you very much for your kind comments. Yes you can have oily
skin as well as rosacea. The Aloe Vera gel I have is the Aloe Pura Aloe
Vera gel, if applied thinly and gently rubbed in you should be able to use
it under your make up ok, the majority of people use it during the day as
well as at night, I do too. The cleanser is very popular too so perhaps you
may wish to try these two products and see how you get on.
best wishes and take care

Subject: Need advice


I am 18 y o male who at the age of 14 was on Roacatane ( i think thats how you spell it!!!) to cure very bad acne vulgaris, recently it has started to creep back and my local doctor put me on tablets called Oxytetracycline and was wondering if you know are they any good or not, damm i hate acne vulgaris!!!!



Hi Michael tetracycline antibiotics are commonly prescribed for acne vulgaris and it's really just a case of trying them and seeing how you get on, there are of course other treatments and other antibiotics if you find these ineffective, perhaps you may like to ask your doctor about a topical cream combination of isotretinoin and erythromycin called Isotrexin. You can find good info about your antibiotic at < < and < Let me know how you get on Michael. You may wish to consider my Aloe Vera wash, gel and perhaps vitamins too they can help.

best wishes and take care


Subject: help?

First I would like to tell you how delighted I am in finding a site that
is in the UK. Although I am American I'm sick and tired of having to
send to the states for products I can't get here, so thank you for your
hard work.

I have only had rosacea for about two and a half years, it was brought
on by severe stress. I also have ocular rosacea but I'll get to that in
a minute. I have an anxiety disorder and agoraphobia so that can't be
helping... I do take medication for anxiety.

When I found out what I had I went to my GP who was very little help.
She did the usual, Metrogel, antibiotics and told me to keep using it.
After reading the rosacea web sites I realized this was not a good idea.

I noticed my eyes were affected and were much dryer than they ever had
been. Thinking back, my father had the same eye complaints but sadly, no
one believed him. Now I know what he was talking about. I get a little
bit of crusty stuff (yuck!) around my eyelashes and sometimes they fall
out. So... I went to the eye doctor at the hospital, recommended by my
GP and he said the scaring I now have in my eyes and the dryness have
nothing to do with rosacea. Well, I know it does and I think he has a
little more studying to do. They did nothing to help my eyes so that was
a total waste of time. I am scared to death I will get more scarring.

What I have now is extremely dry skin which I am using jojoba oil on
after washing with a very mild cleanser that I got from the states, or I
just rinse with tepid water and apply a couple drops of the oil to wet
skin. It works for the dryness but that's it. I get a LOT of papules and
when I have a reaction I get huge, painful red bumps that take a very
long time to go away.

At this point I would be happy to only have veins as a problem but it's
much worse than that and I can't cover this up with makeup.
I also have "problem scalp", flaky, itchy, etc. I must have been a
horrible person in a past life. ;)

I have tried the "rosacea discs" from the states with disastrous results
and the Sher System with an even worse horror story. My skin is VERY
sensitive and it seems like the less I put on it the better it is. I got
some samples from Linda Sy and told her about my skin. She said to use
the oil and not to put anything else on it because I am so sensitive.

Howeverrrrrr..... I can't go on looking like this. I have stopped going
anywhere and I avoid having people look at my face all of the time if I
can. I even hide behind the door when there is a delivery. This is not
any fun at all.

I do have a question, believe it or not. :) Are your products good for
the papules and pustules too? I didn't see it on the site but I haven't
read it all yet. I was so upset and was in tears (happiness) when I
found your site. I'm trying to be an optimist but it's so hard after
trying so many things.

After all this, what items would you recommend? I'd rather not spend
money on things that probably won't do me any good. I haved tried St.
John's Wort for depression but since I have a chemical imbalance it
really messes up my head.

Thank you for your time and I will be sending an order to you by mail in
the next couple of days. Thank you for all your information and for
helping so many people. I know that natural products are the only ray of
hope for this and aloe vera makes a lot of sense to me.

Talk to you soon.

Hi Brenna thank you so much for a marvelous letter. I know exactly how you
feel, I remember times of running into the garage to hide when visitors
came, alcohol and drug abuse and depression and phobias and panic attacks,
can all follow on from our underated skin conditions. Hyper sensitivity is
quite common in rosacea and although many people find the cleanser and
moisturiser their favourite products (judging by reorders) I would recommend
you just try the Aloe Vera gel for now, it will not cure you of rosacea
nothing at present can but I and many others find it excellent for the
spots, inflammation, itching and flakiness associated with our skins. I use
it daily in a thin amount for redness and large dollops for persistant
spots. I sincerely do hope you have the same results. I've read
Loteprednol steroidal eyedrops may bring relief for Ocular rosacea and may
be worth discussing with your Doctor, more info at <, < and <

For stress consider hynotherapy which is really excellent and may be of help
with your phobias too, it is nothing like what you see on TV but a deeply
relaxing experience which if repeated over and over and over can bring
gradual beneficial change.
I've attached the info I send with orders to be going on with I hope it's
useful. Also have a look on my links page at the blushing site Peter who
authors it has a wealth of info on phobias, medication for such etc well
worth reading. Please reply to some of the penpals or send me a message to
put on for yourself, it really helps to talk to others in the same position
you can make friends, have a laugh and get some social contact it's great!
And finally don't give up! I and hundreds of thousands of others understand
exactly how you feel, it is a real battle but you will get through it!

Remember I'm always here if you want to chat or if I can help in any way let
me know.
best wishes and take care

Subject: facial blushing
I am ordering your products for my son who suffers from the red skin
which is exacerbated by his work as a builder. He is becoming quite self-
conscious about his face. I looked at the material about the ETS but it
seems to me it's quite a risky procedure. Would you agree? I would be
grateful if you would e- mail the newsletter with any further developments
treatment which occur. Thank you .

Subject: re:roaccutane

Hi, I don't know whether you can help me, but I have just started to take Roaccutane (20mg a day) and I feel just so exhausted and drugged all the time. Is this normal? My limbs feel like lead and I am slower in moving around than normal. Also, I have been on them for 2 weeks and my skin has not yet improved! Could you shed any light on if what I am feeling is normal? I can't seem to get anything out of the doctor! Thankyou so so much. Natasha Vaughan-Jones

Hi Natasha thank you so much for writing. I hope I can point you in the right direction have a look at < < and < you may need to register which is free and then enter Roaccutane or Isotretinoin in the search box for more info. Please let me know how you get on with your improvement or not and side effects, it will be of great help to other readers.

best wishes and take care

hi could you send me some pics if you have of before and after i would love to see i would really appreciate it cheers

I've never taken any Chris and when my rosacea was bad I didn't think "oh I'll take some pictures so one day when I'm better I'll put them on the internet, lol " and I'm not going to purposely make myself worse now, by not using my products and exposing myself to triggers just to take a before and after picture - see my point?

rosacea is a chronic ongoing vascular condition with a variety of symptoms, there is no cure I know of but simply symptomatic relief in varying degrees, fluctuating daily, as reflected in the correspondence I get on the site. I hope the attached info is of help.

best wishes and take care


Subject: sales
hi, I'm hoping you cna help me because when i'm hot or embarrassed my face
flushes and this makes me more embarrassed etc. I don't think I have
however I was wondering i fI would benefit from your aloe vera products.
Many thanks

hi my name is cuong and i have kind of redness appearance on the cheeks so
are there any method or any product that helps me to fade it this
kind of problem called rosacea. can u tell me more about rosacea any what
effect can help. thanx you very much.

Hi Cuong thank you very much for writing. the best thing to do is have a
good read of the site and visit your doctor for a diagnosis and conventional
treatment, you may wish to try my Aloe Vera produts.- I've attached info
that may be of help to you , I hope so.
best wishes and take care

Subject: Query
Dear Sir/Madam,

I am so glad to have found your website, which I found by chance
(desperation!). I was diagnosed with rosacea 18 months ago and have been
taking Doxycycline in increasingly lower doses since then. This was
effective for a while but is wearing off now and my rosacea is returning
with a vengeance. This is exacerbated by the fact that I work in Spain and
have to be very careful not to get sun on my face, using factor 60 cream
advised by a doctor. I have seen a doctor in the UK and here and they
prescribed nothing other than antibiotics and the advice on sun cream.

Reading your website, I think that the best way to start would be with the
complete regimen so I have today put a cheque in the post to you for those

I have read your site with relief that, at last, I have found some advice
that seems to be based on experience and not theory.

I await your products with great anticipation and will gladly give you
feedback on their success.

Yours sincerely,

Hi Antony thank you for writing and your order, I do hope it helps with your
symptoms. When my rosacea was at it's worst I couldn't tolerate even a
mildly warm and humid day outside, but now the sun is no problem for me,
although my advice is to avoid it wherever possible perhaps using a broad
brimmed hat (humidity is harder to avoid). Do you find your sun tan lotion
non - irritating? if so could you tell me the make please?

best wishes and take care


I have read your site, and have a few question is the site about acne vulgaris as
opposed to rosacena. Do the products you sell help acne vulgaris. I find the
problem of acne vulgaris very destroying to my self confidence and have tried
antibiotics but they did not help. Do you have any advice that you could
offer to help with the problem eg the best products to use.



Hi Stuart thank you for writing. I've only been selling these products for
5 months now and most of the feedback is for rosacea as you say. I have had
positive feedback for acne vulgaris Vulgaris also but I only recommend the regimen
for acne vulgaris vulgaris in conjunction with prescribed medication, often
prescribed acne vulgaris medications can make the skin dry, peeling, red, sore etc
and the gentle, soothing, cleansing action of the aloe vera regimen can help
alleviate this and also replace harsh soaps/cleanser you may be using. Ask
your doctor abou Isotrexin or another combination of topical isotretinoin
and erythromycin. Also remember a change of antibiotic is always worth
trying. Don't rely on over the counter products but see your doctor and
keep going back until you get satisfaction. Often Doctors will not take you
seriously until you pester them, write down how your acne vulgaris is affecting you
and give the letter to your doctor at the consultation. acne vulgaris is persistent
you must be more so. The attached info may be of use.
best wishes and take care

Subject: rosacea


My name is Angela, I'm 37 years old with 2 children, I have rosacea and find it very distressing. My main problem is the flushing in my nose , I have had 2 sinsus operations , thinking that would help, but of course it hasn't. I have been on tectraclycline , which makes me feel worse. I get hot hands & feet .I have trouble sleeping because I generally feel hot. I wake up with a red & sweaty nose which settles after I have been up moving around. It start with a dry patchy skin and pimples on my chin which has improved, but major problem is the flushing in my nose and hot cheeks.Iin cold whether we don't even have a heater on , to avoid the flushing. My nose is always sore and looks red. I'm sick of this conditions and would like any advice



Hi Angela I would take your email to your doctor and ask for tests to be carried out including hormonal checks. I know what you mean about being generally hot, have a look at your mattress it may have a lot of insulation that keeps you very warm even when you don't have many blankets/duvets on. Have a look at the info attached it is what I send with my Aloe Vera orders, perhaps some of the dietary advice, particularly spicy food and niacin may help you, let me know if it does. You may wish to try my Aloe Vera regimen there is no guarantee but it does help many with similar symptoms (including me).

best wishes and take care


Subject: Mailing List


Can you please put me on your mailing list. I'm 46 years old and have suffered from rosacea for more years than I care to remember. Antibiotics are the only treatment that really helps, but obviously it's not a good idea to be on them for the long term. I've tried Metronidazole ointment, without much success. In addition, I also suffer periodically from acne vulgaris spots on my back and shoulders which is very depressing and demoralising. Doctors have prescribed various antiseptic washes (for the back), but I don't find them much good as acne vulgaris in my experience isn't really caused by lack of cleanliness, and some of these treatments are quite strong and can irritate the skin.

Look forward to hearing from you and thanks for any help you can give.


Hi Jane thank you for writing I've added you to my list. A study I read found acne vulgaris sufferers have cleaner skin than the general population! as you rightly point out it is not a lack of cleanliness that is the problem. I hope the attached info is of help for your rosacea.

best wishes and take care


I will try to get to the bank and obtain the appropriate check to send to
you. I have tried many products with little or no success. I had laser
surgery last October. The dermatologist spent about 20 minutes "zapping" the
visible veins/spots to collapse the offending redness. I went home feeling
good, in that I had no immediate reaction. The next day, I noticed that the
spots were black, from the veins dying. I had patches of black on both
cheeks the size of quarters for about 2 weeks. After the healing occurred
from the laser, I saw no visible reduction in the redness. I will never go
back that laser again. I have heard some good things about the Photoderm
laser, which claims to have no outward signs after the procedure. I want to
try the Aloe Vera before I go back to the laser. You are welcome to use any
of the information I have provided on your website. I am also willing to
communicate with anyone that has questions.


Subject: The world of rosacea

I've recently discovered that I have rosacea. Now I realize that I have had
this condition for years. The visit to the doctor left me with a vague list
of things "Not" to do. Then I went to the National rosacea Society and got
totally depressed. Everything I love is a trigger. I live for spicy foods,
and hot baths. The National rosacea Society had a list of foods to avoid and
it contained so much I would like someone to come up with a list of things we
can eat!
I would like to know which foods are high in histamines. Which fruits I can
eat? Which vegetables I can eat? Do you know of any sites that address
these issues?

Nikki from Alabama, USA

Hi Nikki

obviously there are far fewer foods that we avoid than we eat so it's easier and safer to make that list. I hope the following info is of some help to you.

best wishes and take care



I am interested in buying the Aloe Vera products, could you tell me if
would help with rhynopyma, enlargement of the nose as that is the worst
area? Thanks


Hi Mike
I don't have experience of using the products for it unfortunately but I'm
sure the gel would be worth trying. You may wish to ask your Doctor about
systemic Isotretinoin or even cosmetic surgery, referral to a specialist is
essential. I hope the following info is of some help.
best wishes and take care

Dear kcn,

I have just put my second order in the post, you should get it Sat/Mon or thereabouts. I have been using your products for about 3 weeks now and there is a definite improvement in both the condition of my skin and the level of redness - thank God, and you, of course!:-) I have been trying hard to follow the suggestions on your trigger sheet too - all things I knew I should be doing but hadn't really got to grips with. Reading of other people's successes is excellent motivation. Thank you for your help and long may you continue to provide this wonderful forum and service - I hope the rewards outweigh the hassle!


Hi Rosemary

thank you so much for your encouragement - I enjoy running the website more than anything else I have done and intend being around for ever! As you rightly point out it is a struggle and a matter of managing a chronic condition rather than trying to find any miracle cure. Lifestyle and dietary changes become easier with habit, if it is an option to avoid them, of course some peoples' environment or work may involve irritants in the atmosphere etc which makes things very difficult indeed.

I'll look out for your order and get it off straight away.

best wishes and take care


Hi Rosemary

I'll put the products in the post 1st class to you today.

best wishes and take care

Thank you Webmaster, you may have received my email from this morning by now ( the one sent when I suddenly realised how daft I'd been!) but, in case you didn't, here's the info again:

Mrs R

Thanks again:-)


Dear Rosemary

thank you for your order for my Aloe Vera products but you've forgotten to include your delivery address! hehe, don't worry it happens all the time. Just let me know by replying to this email and I'll get your package off to you.

best wishes and take care

kcn. <

Hi Bea

the cost if you pay in Sterling or credit card (when the shopping cart/online ordering is finished) is UK£22.85 if you wish to send a cheque/check in Can$ it'll be Can$24.35 as I have to pay currency conversion bank commission. These prices are for the gel, moisturiser and cleanser to a UK mainland address. Unfortunately there is no guarantee, so please do not get your hopes to high. rosacea is an ongoing, chronic vasculatory condition and symptomatic relief is what we should aim for at present, having said that many people do benefit and you will be aware that some improvement and a feeling of gaining some control back goes a long way to improving overall wellbeing. The list of ingredients can be found on the homepage just above the refund policy - the main ingredient is Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe Vera).

best wishes and take care


Subject: rosacea.

Hi Kevin, i was happy to receive your reply so fast and i leave on the 5th of sept. from toronto so if you will send me the cost i will send you an english address is there any guarantees that it will help it is from the alovera plant as i have used that for healing burns etc, and it helped a lot. thankyou again. Bea.


My name is Sandra and I am 26yrs of age. From the age of 15 - 21 I
from acne vulgaris which has now since cleared. But since my teens I noticed that
nose was constantly redenning (my chin and forehead) also. Iput this down
the use of retin a for my acne vulgaris, but now I am beginning tothink that it may
be rosacea. I came across your page by chance and although my symptons
not severe, my red nose causes me a great deal of embarassment,
in cold weather, or even just from standing near steam etc... Would metro
gel help me and ease the redenning of my skin? My doctor is not very
helpful and I would be grateful if you could point me in the right
directions. I have no visible veins as yet, but my skin is always flushing
and without makeup, my friends are always asking me if I am hot!!!

Many Thanks in advance


Hi Sandra
thanks for writing. Below is info I send with Aloe Vera orders have a look
and see if it helps if it does you likely have rosacea and you will need to
see your Doctor. I would certainly ask your Doctor for metrocream and give
it a try, if it helps great if not perhaps consider my Aloe Vera regimen, it
does help many sufferers. If you doctor says your too young for rosacea
he/she is mistaken.
best wishes and take care

Subject: Can you help??/

Hi my name is Carolynne.

Not until about a year ago I started to have this redness on my face. I am going to be 30 years old this year. They at first thought I had lupus. Then several doctors diagnosed me with possible Roscea. Each treatment I have tried for Roscea has made it worse. Metrogel, Minocyclin, steroids, etc. The only thing that helps so far with the redness is Cetaphil.

I don't have pustules, or those red lines I have read about. It seems since I started the treatments it has gotten worse. A dermatologist said he didn't believe it was Roscea and was possibly something else. So I am so confused now.

I really need help and don't know which way to turn. For the dryness I have been using a clinque moisturizer with aloe which is great.

But I want to get rid of this redness. One doctor does this procedure that removes the red capillaries via laser.

can you either recommend something I can try or maybe a doctor here in the USA that can diagnosis me correctly??

HELP Please. This is so embarrassing..

Carolynne PS can you tell me do you send back to my email address a response or do I need to go elsewhere to find a response?? Thanks for your help.

Hi Carolynne

I've enclosed information below which I send with my Aloe Vera orders, have a look and see if any of the trigger and dietary factors affect you, that should help in leading to a conclusion as to rosacea or not. Unfortunately there is no test as such. Laser treatment is one possibility as is fotofacial or dermalight for info search and Doctors are notorious for mis- or missing diagnosing rosacea unfortunately.

best wishes and take care


Subject: Advice

I am writing to you although I ve never regarded myself as having acne vulgaris. For the past six months I have been suffering from occaisional ( however, frequent enough to concern me) individual spots. They are very much under the skin and take the form of a large lump. They cause me a great deal of distress when I have them and I tend to want to hide away so that no one will see me. They also seem to take quite a bit of time to go away. People who are close to me say that they aren't bad but I feel very uncomfortable having them as I feel that they are unusual and not just spots. Iam anxious to find some help and to find something to prevent them or stop them coming to anything. I have tried many different products but not really found anything that has helped dramatically. There was a spell that I was using a sunbed and I didn't seem to get any. I recognize that these types of spots are hormonal and perhaps stress induced. I am wondering if the answer might be antibiotics so I have made an appointment to see the doctor.

If you have any advice you can give me I'd be very grateful.



Hi Denise

your doing the right thing seeing your Doctor, I can't really offer any info until you have a diagnosis but have a look at the following info and see if anything apply's to you.

best wishes and take care


Hi great to hear off you again. I too have felt the depths of despair and depression you are now feeling, I made the mistake of thinking things would never get better I was wrong, so please don't you make the same mistake.

Are you avoiding the things mentioned in the info I sent ie coffee, tea, alcohol? what are you actually putting on your face at the moment? I know you have tried an Aloe Vera product in the past but most have ingredients added that are irritating to rosacea sufferers, I would recommend you try our Calmin skincare products at least, it helps many if not all. Other conditions such as dermatitis are a possibility. I looked at your previous email perhaps some of the treatments you have used have caused a flareup, perhaps avoiding treatments (with your doctors consent) and giving your skin a rest will help. Remember if you do have rosacea it is characterised by periods of remission and flare ups, you may be in a period of flare up brought on by some trigger, and remember a trigger can set a flare up off that takes weeks to recover from, some antibiotics and topical treatments can make your skin more sensitive to the sun, below are an email from a reader and some tests for acne vulgaris, as you suffer hair loss hormonal tests may be helpful, your dermatologist sounds like a $^%$ can you see a different one? when you do write down all the despair and depression you feel on paper and hand it over at the consultation - tell your doctor how depressed you are feeling it is important - let me know what they say. Are you worried about rhinophyma it is rare in men let alone women and usually treated with isotretinoin. You may wish to also look at fotofacial/dermalight expensive treatments but a search on or will get you info on them. Also try some relaxation techniques stress itself can be a trigger, meditation, hypnotherapy (highly recommended), yoga etc

Remember you are not alone we are all thinking of you. Stay in touch!!!

best wishes and take care


Hello. I really would like to advice every woman suffering from rosacea, to also check if she has any signs of facial hair, or hair on breasts and belly line, because this could mean that you have an insulin problem, and the right person to treat this would be an endocrinologist, before a dermatologist. When a person has too much insulin in her body, the testosterone gland is affected, so women start developing acne vulgaris rosacea, excess hair and sometimes irregular menstruations. A man affected by the excess of the insulin hormon, can also develop rosacea and other symptoms. The endocrinologist can give you a special diet, low in complex carbohidrates and with much protein, fruit and vegetables, plus a special medication to reduce the insulin in your body.

I hope many people can be helped by this advice.


Ex-rosacea sufferer

yes. Other symptoms that indicate an insuline disorder are: fatigue, depression, hair loss in men and women (lots of it!) , high cholesterol which can eventually cause heart problems, and irritability.

Hope this information is helpful,



What about tests for it? kcn

There are two blood tests that determine if you have an insuline disorder. They are called "curva insulinica" (I think it´s "insuline curve" in English) and "prueba de tolerancia glucosada", which I think translates to "glucose tolerance test". The terms may change a bit in english, but I´m not sure.

I haven´t found any websites that talk about this, but I shall keep on looking. I became aware of insuline disorders through an article in a newspaper (from my country: Venezuela) where an endocrinologist alerted people with acne vulgaris and hair loss or excessive facial hair, about the possible cause: insulin.

Hope this info is helpful,




Subject: Re: Very distressed over rosacea

Hello! You were very kind to e mail me once before and I was wondering if you could write me again. I am experienceing a lot of swelling with my rosacea. It has me very depressed. My nose is swollen each morning and it gets swollen on and off all day. Can you please write with any suggestions. I am feeling very desperate.


Subject: Re: Very distressed over rosacea
Subject: Very distressed over rosacea

Hello! I am very excited about your web site. I am from the US and have only heard of this surgery through your site. I was diagnosed with mild rosacea toward the end of February. I only remember one specifice flushing incident before the diagnosis (believe me I never flushed at all, barely during exercise and never in the heat). i found the isolated flushing incident odd. One month later I went to the derm for a different issue. He quickly said that I had mild rosacea and goave me Noritate cream. The cream made me red and swollen. I did a round of Doxycycline, this is before I , or my family members even saw a hint of rosacea. The only time my nose would get red would be when I cried over the fear of it. After the antibiotics and the different creams things flew into high gear approximately six weeks after the diagnosis. I am now trying Sulfacet R. It has only been two days. I do not have barely any acne vulgaris, only sever nose flusshing several times per day. . I have not tried aloe vera as of yet. I do remember using it for a sunburn once and I becamme further irriatated. Please reply with any good or hopeful news. I feel completely devestated. I feel hopeless. The dermatologists do not seem to care nor do they understand. I also have hair loss. I have used Rogaine topical slution for quite some time. I am curious since the Rogaine is a vasodilator, could it have triggered the rosacea? The doctors seem to say no. I feel very suspicious of this cause. Please Help!!!!!

Hi thank you so much for writing. There is no reason to worry yourself sick, I have had rosacea for 25 years and apart from flare ups from over exposure to triggers and a few thread veins it hasn't got any worse. Let me know how you get on with the Sulfacet R. I don't have any experience of Rogaine I'm afraid but look at < and < and < for more info on it. Certainly discuss medications with your Doctor and be sure to tell him of the emotional impact you disease is having on you. Consider my Aloe Vera products there is no guarantee, no treatment works for all, but many find relief from symptoms such as yours. The following info I send with orders I hope it is of use.

best wishes and take care


Subject: red cheeks

hello i have looked at the rocasea site and i think i have got rocasea its ruining my life at first i thought it was something to do with my age i am realy cocerned about this matter it has been around forever I have just recently left school and currently looking for a job but i have been putting this off hoping my rocasea would go away the symptoms prove i have got rocasea they all happen to me the cheeks stay red when i blush thats all the time it doesnt calm down for ages and even when it is calm down it is still a bit red even when in the cold weather they are still red i really hate it and im not going to give up finding something what will work pls can you help or tell me something to do to help it thank you bye
Hiya Chris

I understand exactly how you feel. The first thing you must do is to write down exactly how you feel, how rosacea is affecting you, stopping you looking for a job etc and take that to your doctor and get a diagnosis (doctors usually think it only affects middle aged women, they're wrong), and try prescribed medication, oral and topical (metronidazole cream) antibiotics, ask about medications from your Doctor. The following info is what I send with Aloe Vera orders (you may wish to try my Aloe Vera regimen it helps many people including myself) I hope it is of some help. Your are at an incredibly difficult time of your life, leaving school, trying to find a job, relationships and you've GOT rosacea what a bum hand to be dealt by life, learn about the condition and how to manage it (read < and the readers emails) and don't make the mistake of thinking things will never improve, they will, stick in there!.

Let me know what the doctor says and how you get on Chris.

best wishes and take care


Subject: rosacea


i suffer from rosacea and have been to the doctor to try and sort the matter out.He has put me on a course of antibiotics for a month to try and clear it up.He has put me on oxytetracyclene,however i have been on these tablets for 3 weeks now and they havent done anything whatsoever,I am starting to wonder if the tablets are just smarties.My mom suffered from this problem and went to see a skin specialist to clear hers up. My doctor said he would try me on something else if these didn't work, i am getting fed up with it now I have to plaster the makeup on my face to hide it and when you are in the public eye alot you start to get paranoid about it as I am a singer.Another thing is not being able to drink while on the antibiotics. What can you recomend for me? Please help!

Hi thank you very much for writing. The usually prescribed medications are the antibiotics you mention and topical metronidazole antibiotic cream some find these help and as with all treatments for anything some don't find success. It is a longer term treatment they say (oxytetracyclene) and I have read it may help offset eye problems. Unfortunately rosacea is a chronic vasculatory condition that has no cure at present, it is characterised by periods of remission and flare ups, and managing the symptoms is what we need to do. Many people find my Aloe Vera regimen helpful and you may wish to try it. If you are suffering from flushing/blushing you may wish to ask your Doctor about medications. The following info is what I send with Aloe orders I hope it is of some help.

best wishes and take care


Subject: acne vulgaris rosacea

Hallo kcn ,

It's almost a month that I received my order from you .

I must confirm : the ALOE VERA GEL is fantastic for me !

The spots on my forehead are almost gone !

The soap I had ( aloe vera with tea tree oil ) is for the moment for me the best .

Thank you very mutch for your help and idees .


That's great news!! thanks so much for letting me know and good luck in the future.

best wishes and take care


Subject: rosacea Ltd

Just wanted to say that I have tried the rosacea

Ltd and that it did nothing for me.I just threw away $84.00 on that.I don't know how it would work for anyone else.


Hi Becky thanks for letting me know, I shall pass your info. on.

best wishes and take care


Subject: need somw advice


I stumbled across your sight and have found it very interesting.

I have had what I considered acne vulgaris for a long time. I am a male, 42 years old
and what ever it is I have only seems to get worse. I do not get large
pimples or cysts very often, but I do get them. What I do have is hundreds of
very small bumps on my face. I have very oily skin. I wash regularly, have
tried bunches of different soaps. I have been to the dermatologists many
times over the years. I was put on Differen a few years ago---no results. I
tried Proactive, that was the best treatment yet. But even that did not do
the job to my satisfaction. The latest trip to the doc, I was told I have
rosacea. I do have what I would call larger raised bumps on my face (not
cysts) that will not go away and of course the hundreds of smaller ones I
mentioned earlier and I have noticed small veins appearing around my nose.
But I do not have any flushing that I am reading about.
The doc put me on Plexion (cleanser) & Noritate (metronidazole cream)
whatever the hell that is. I have been on this $140.00 medication for a few
weeks and I see no results whatsoever, not even the slightest reaction or
sensitivity to my skin.

To tell you the truth I am tired of my skin looking this way. The doctors
keep coming up with expensive prescripts that do nothing.

Do you have any advice...would appreciate some

Thank You


Hi Rick I know exactly how you feel mate, there can't be many things as frustrating as skin disease. Metronidazole cream is the standard topical antibiotic treatment that is prescribed, as with anything some find it helps and some not - and there is the point - there is something out there that will help you, you must not give up but try different things and find that right one for you. I've enclosed the information I send with my Aloe Vera orders below, have a look at the triggers etc and see if you think it applys to you. We are all different and rosacea has a number of symptoms from which we will suffer in varying degrees some, all, or hardly any or maybe one symptom badly, so it is difficult to diagnose - stick in there and keep up the battle.

best wishes and take care


Subject: rosacea
i would like you to send me any new information. also are their any
in the manchester area- newly diagnosed-, a herbalist prescribed me
bio-pycnogenol,do you have any info on these tablets or has anyone tried


Hi thank you so much for writing, I don't have the information myself you
ask for but I'll put your mail on the next site update and we'll see if we
can get some responses. I've added you to my email list.
best wishes and take care


I wonder if you can help me out. I have had mild acne vulgaris for years. When I was in my early twenties the doctor prescribed tetracyline. I never really noticed much difference, so I stopped taking them after a year or so and tried to look after my skin myself, believing I would "grow out of it".

However, at the age of 29, my cheeks, nose and chin seem to be quite red alot of the time and I still get spots. I also have quite oily skin. I returned to the doctors recently and he explained about rosacea and vulgaris acne vulgaris but did not really diagnose me. He has given me differin and dianette and told me to come back in 3 months. I have been using the differin but I am concerned about the dianette and I have not started them yet.

I am now confused about what cleansing and moisturising products I should be using. The differin is drying my skin. I have been reading other sites and some recommend Vitamin B5.

What should I do now?



Hi many women do find Dianette helps substantially with acne vulgaris vulgaris of course some women don't, I would go back and discuss your concerns about Dianette with your doctor and see if he/she can reassure you. You will need to find out if you have rosacea or acne vulgaris vulgaris or both (a difficult task often). See if the Differin helps over a few weeks or aggravates the redness (although some initial redness is normal with this topical treatment and in the short term may make the spots appear worse). The following information is what I send with my Aloe Vera cleanser, moisurisers etc have a look at it and see if any of the "triggers" apply to you, that should give you an insight into your condition being rosacea or not. Either way you may benefit from my Aloe Vera regimen of Gel, Cleanser and Moisturiser many people with the same symptoms do. If you feel you just have rosacea after a few weeks discuss with your doctor about the possibility that differin may be harsh for the condition. Let me know how you get on.

best wishes and take care


Subject: New email address

Hi there.

Hope you are keeping well and your skin is showing it!!

I have not sent an e-mail for a while.

I have changed jobs so do have a new address, so please can you change the details in your address book.

One thing, can we order the Aloe Vera products from South Africa? I still cannot seem to find products that agree with my skin and would love to try the Aloe Vera.

I am still battling with the area around my nose - still scarred but now also one or two lesions which look like volcanic eruptions to me! I played tennis at the weekend but did wear a hat and sun tan lotion! then went out for dinner and had one or two glasses of Sangria (with red wine in it!!) and yesterday had a curry for lunch at the tennis club after playing in a Round Robin. I only had the milder curry, not the hot one.

I am trying not to let it get me down but just when you think you have it under control, it goes bad again.

Apart from that, all is well and I am enjoying my new job with additional responsibilities, see you can get on in life with rosacea!! and keeping fit and healthy!!

Take care and looking forward to the next newsletter!!!

Kind regards


Hi Mandy

really great to hear off you again from sunny South Africa! supposed to be summer here gale force winds and rain today doh! I'm fine thanks for asking. Congratulations on the new job! I've been approved by the bank for online credit card ordering using a third party secure server company, I should have that going by the end of next week and will place a link on < to the shopping cart etc. would that suit you ok? there's no problem in me posting to South Africa and there's less charges for credit card ordering than for foreign currency bank cheques, you'll also be able to post credit card details to me for me to manually type into a credit card transaction machine (like in shops) when they have installed it. Thanks for staying in touch Mandy and good luck.

best wishes and take care


Subject: Do I have rosacea?
Hello, my name is Tom. I've suffered from acne vulgaris
rosacea for about eight years. The first GP I saw put
me on oxytetracycline, but didn't tell me I had
rosacea. After years of going back to complain about
the condition of my face, which didn't seem to respond
particularly well, I was finally, last summer,
informed that I suffered from acne vulgaris rosacea.

To get to the point, I want to be sure that the
condition I have really is rosacea, as I must have
seen at least four doctors who (whether they
recognised the complaint or not) failed to tell me
what I was suffering from. I'm also a little unsure
about the diagnosis, since it would often be the case
that by the time I had become so depressed about my
skin that I sought advice from a doctor, my skin would
be on the mend, so none of them really got to see it
at it's worst.

Although I've read mention of the redness, swelling,
and scaling of the skin, I've never read anything
about hard red lumps which sometimes sit under the
skin for weeks and other times choose to swell and
erupt and leave enormous craters (not your average

I realize that you aren't a medical professional, but
judging by your site you've had a lot of contact with
other sufferers, so I hoped you would be able to tell
me whether the symptoms I described sounded like
severe flare-ups (of rosacea), or whether they might
be something else.

Quite a short question really, despite the lengthy
preamble. Many thanks, Tom.

Hi Tom
thank you so much for writing, I understand how you feel, I was just the
same waiting until my face was getting better (relatively) and becoming so
unhappy before I could bring myself to face the Doctor. The information I
have included below may give you the insight you need if you respond to
triggers, environmental and dietary as detailed then you probably do have
rosacea that of course does not preclude another condition/illness alongside
of course. Remember a trigger can cause symptoms that stay for some weeks
so it is not easy and will take time for you to see. Perhaps you may wish
to try some of my Aloe Vera products they may help to bring about
symptomatic relief and make it easier for you to see what is triggering the

best wishes and take care

Subject: favor
please send me info as I was recently diagnosed with rosacea. < Thank You
Hi Michael I hope the following is of help I send it out with my Aloe Vera
best wishes and take care

Subject: rosacea?
Hi. Im a 15 yr old boy and like alot of people i have heard, my self
is going down the drain due to skin problems. i started getting acne vulgaris about
year ago and i still get it now. i have a little bit of scarring but still
pop them because i cant help it. I also have quite red
they look a bit purple after getting really cold. The redness also isnt
like normal, its kind of in a shape on my cheeks. I have only just heard
about rosacea now at your site.....thankgod im not the only one who has
these kind of problems. But please tell me what i should do. and do u
i have rosacea or just kind of red cheeks. Thankyou very much.
Hi Eden
how u doing m8 sorry daft question eh? You are at a very difficult time of
your life but you will get through it even if it takes time don't ever
forget that. acne vulgaris Vulgaris sufferers may have inflammed and sensitive skin
but rosacea is a possibility even at your age. The problem is most doctors
think rosacea is unlikely and will hardly ever diagnose it unless you are a
women over 35 they are wrong, I developed it at your age and many of my
correspondents report the same. I've included information below about
triggers and dietary factors there are no tests for rosacea so I would have
a look at the triggers below and see if you think that sounds like you
experiment if needs be, remember that a trigger can set off redness now that
may remain for days or weeks so it is difficult. Write down your results
and than go to your Doctor and tell him/her what you think and ask for
treatment. You may wish to try my aloe vera regimen which has been reported
to help with both conditions. Your Doctor may prescribe antibiotics so make
sure you go along for a diagnosis and let me know how you get on.
best wishes and take care

Subject: Sun tan Lotion
Please recommend sun tan lotions that have not aggravated your rocacea.
Thank you. Is your face extrememly sensitive to the sun. Mine can feel
like its on fire somedays in direct sunlight. Wondering if this is how
others feel? Thank you .
Hi sun tan lotion is still information I am searching for myself no-one has
been able to recommend a suitable one yet!!! Certainly sunlight can be a
trigger and if you find that avoid exposure (a broad brimmed sunhat for
instance) many people find the same, humidity can be a trigger too on a warm
day. when I was suffering at my worst 10 mins in the sun would cause a
severe flareup with lymph fluid leaking under the skin immediately, swelling
redness etc that took weeks to go but now using Aloe Vera and avoiding
triggers I don't have a problem with the sun at all so you may wish to try
it. I have included info below you may find useful I hope so.
best wishes and take care

Subject: rosacea

Dear kcn

My wife is suffering from what has been diagnosed by her GP & Dermatologist as an accutely accressive form of rosacea

or deep lymphatic rosacea. She started flushing approx two months ago and very quickly progressed to full facial flushing

with inflammation to face, nose etc her eyelids and face are now peeling (skin) and occasionally experiences internal bleeding

from her nose. Her eyes are now swollen and hurt.

Her GP perscribed steroids and anti-histamine, her dermatologist perscribed oxytetracyline, her homeopath, snake venom!

Shes tried Chinese remedies, is taking every homeopathic medicine listed to try to reduce the inflammation, alas to no effect.

The triggers are definately heat and anxiety. Shes stopped taking the steroids due to feeling ill and also stopped the anti-histamine. Her GP has just prescribed Betablockers although her blood pressure is naturally low anyway. Do you have any suggestions? I believe it is possible to have the ETS operation carried out in the UK, do you have a list of Surgeons prepared to carry out ETS in the UK, she is extremely desperate as you can imagine and is constantly applying water and ice to her face to try to cool her down and reduce the inflammation but is being overwelmed by the condition. I have searched your links to investigate ETS but if you have a list it would be much appreciated

kind regards


Subject: Re: acne vulgaris




Hiya thanks for getting back to me, yes give the tablets a few weeks, your doctor seems to be taking you seriously at last. Let me know how you get on.

best wishes and take care


Subject: rosacea

Dear kcn

I have suffered with rosacea since the age of 18, I'm now 34.
Without going into too many details, rosacea has ruined my life thus far; the
suicide attempts, the isolation, frustration and self hatred.
Having read your replies I know you know what I mean.

Some three years ago the rosacea disappeared totally for some 6 months.
These 6 months were the best of my adult life and were devastated when it
I tried every thing to reproduce what I had done before that made the rosacea

I originally thought that it was "betnovate scalp application" that I applied
to my face that had solved the problem but this wasn't the case (it made it
worse, more red)

Eventually, I was left with one option, a prescription my doctor had given me
for something completely different a few months before the rosacea

I went back to my Doctor and lied to get the same prescription as before.
well I'm sure you know where this is leading and yes about three months later
the rosacea has totally and completely disappeared.

I 'know" that the medication is responsible but are not sure what to do now.
Obviously I want to help other sufferers but at the same time, I'd like to
profit from this. Selfish, maybe but I have never had a long term job,
friends or girlfriend because of the rosacea.

I've sent E mails to a couple of medical sites but no one has replied. I'm
not sure why, maybe they think it's a prank.

Any advise would be greatly appreciated, I guess clinical trials would need
to prove this hypothesis?

PS this is not a prank and I'm not trying to sell any medication.

Yours sincerely

Hi Nigel

thanks for writing. Yes I understand how you feel, I don't think your selfish at all, you have to survive, the same as anyone else, unless your living off the land, in our society you have to honestly sell goods or services to live, if you have some knowledge and wish to ask people to pay for it that's up to you and up to them if they wish to, nothing wrong or immoral with that, everyone who has to support themselves does it. I don't really know what way to advise you Nigel perhaps legal advice from the Citizens advice bureau? I can't offer you any "deals" I'm afraid a.I'm pretty much broke myself b.I don't know what I could do to help

I would advise searching on the internet < < and < and research the drug or treatment. See if the info below is any use to you anyway.

best wishes and take care


Subject: Help

Hi my name is Catherine and I have rosacea. I have a rash all over my face and I am very depressed about it I am currently taking Minocin 100 mg and Metronidazole but somehow my face seems to be getting worse. Am I going to be disfigured? at the moment I am very depressed about it. What can I do if anything?

Hi Catherine

thank you for writing I know and all who read my site understand exactly how you feel. I don't think you are going to be disfigured rosacea is a chronic ongoing vascular disorder that usually has periods of flareups and remission but don't panic there are plenty of things you can do. I've included info below and of course have a good read of my site < and any other info you can get hold of. You may wish to try my Aloe Vera products details on the site, many people including myself find symptomatic relief using them but of course there is no guarantee as with anything they don't work for everyone. If you find symptoms of depression, tearfullness, loss of weight appetite, trouble sleeping, waking early with feelings of dread, irritability you must tell your Doctor. Dont' worry you will learn to control your symptoms, just a little knowledge and routine/habit's and some understanding from those around you is the key. Let me know how you get on.

best wishes and take care


Subject: Advice for a new sufferer

I have recently become increasingly worried about the redness of my nose and checks. A friend suggested the problem could be rosacea which sounded bad news.I have avoided doing anything hoping it would go away but it hasn't. When in the US I became increasingly concerned as flying seemed to increase the flushing. I stumbled on your website which seems to confirm that it could be rosacea, hopefully only in its earlier stages. I am so pleased to think that there may be a herbal remedy as I hate taking pills. Are the products you sell any different to those on the High Street - As a test I brought one the other day Aloe Vera Super Gel 98% (with Spirulina) (Jason Natural Cosmetics). It seems to be making my skin more soft but the redness is still there. Perhaps I am being too anxious! What do you recommend as a course of action - cream and tablets?

Thank you and keep up the brilliant work


Hi Eric thank you for writing. Aloe Vera products vary enormously, I have tested dozens and only found a couple that don't have irritants in, the one you are trying I haven't unfortunately. I would recommend the allergenics wash, moisturiser and aloe pura gel to start with. Remember rosacea is an ongoing chronic condition but with avoidance of triggers and treatment that works for you it can be controlled so don't panic. I hope the following is of help.

best wishes and take care


Subject: rosacea sufferer for 17 years

I have been a rosacea sufferer for 17 years. It all started with my first pregnancy and after the other 2 it steadily got worse. I was diagnosed with everything from shingle to lupus. It wasn't until 5 years ago that I have rosacea. I have seen over 30 dermatologists and have tried every treatment I know of. They all work for awhile but it always comes back worse. I went on accutane 2 years ago and only had a few little outbreaks. I thought it was over but was I wrong. In December of 2000 it came back even worse and once again I went on accutane which did nothing. I also tried flagil but it only made me sick. I think it is hormonal and for years no one would listen to me. I took a shot of Depo Prevera but it is not helping. It is now summer and I can't go outside for more than 15 minutes. I live in my house and am getting very discouraged. I am seeing a Dermatologist in Vancouver but no on seems to know what to do with me. I don't find foods affect it, but I still stay away from spicy and acidic. There is really no answer to this problem but living in the house is not what I call the answer. I have spent many hours looking on the internet for answers. I have tried many creams but they don't seem to work and am afraid to put them on my face as they seem to make it worse. If you have any suggestions please e-mail me back.



Hi Judy

hormonal changes can affect rosacea symptoms certainly and many women have found pregnancy a trigger for flare ups. I understand exactly how you feel, I have been in the same situation a few years ago when I was exposed to many triggers I couldn't go outside in the sun or humidity without a severe flare up, fluid leaking under the skin causing multiple red wheals, swelling, itching, redness etc etc very depressing indeed. You could also have a look at fotofacial < for example. On my readers emails - just tips page a lady mentions a fungal disease have a look and ask your doctors about that too.

best wishes and take care


ps I hope the following is of help.

Subject: hi again
Hi kcn! I'm Alex (refer to week 17 second letter). I just wanna update you
what's happening.

Well, I went to the doctor and he prescribed me with a new medicine called
Bactrim, or Trimaxazole. I took it and it worked. My acne vulgaris was all gone
But i had to stop the medication because of my gastric (again!). My family
doctor told me the medicine contains sulphur so thats why my gastric
But luckily for me, my acne vulgaris, up to now, still haven't recurred.

BUT! I still have all the scars and depressions, because of the acne vulgaris left
previously. The doctor told me the redness will fade, but i will develop
holes or pockmarks, whatever you call them. And now, my face's still
and has lotsa, and i mean lotsa, scars and holes, on the area both sides
my nose. And what's worse is they resemble like acne vulgaris, and somehow it looks
like i haven't recovered from it.

And, the doctor prescribed me with a wash and cream which contains sulphur
(they did not state the brand), i applied the cream after i wash my face,
covers my scars but sometimes i experience peeling and the cream just

How should i go about now? I really don't know. I'm currently on gastric
medication (domperidone, gascoal, and prevacid). I will be discussing with
my family doctor to see whether i can take both face and gastric

Take Care and Best Wishes Always!

Alex =)

Hi again Alex great to hear off you, thank you so much for staying in touch,
very interesting about the new antibiotic you've tried. I would recommend
the Aloe Vera gel which may help with the redness and peeling, discuss with
your Doctor about laser treatment, dermabrasion or collagen injections for
the scarring it can help. Your doing great keep up the battle and let me
know how you get on.
best wishes and take care :)

Well, I been applying the treatment for approx. 3 months, and it has made
an improvement of about 50% which is real good. Obviously my hope was the
improvement that I had noted would continue, however, that doesn't appear
to be the case. I guess that was my question. Can I assume that you also
take this treatment and are you continually using the lotions after x
number of months, and do you see yourself doing this for the rest of your
life? Also, how long does the lotion last, I'm applying about twice a day?
Thanks again

Hi Ed
Unfortunately rosacea is a chronic ongoing condition with no known cure and
it is a case of managing the symptoms as best we can, yes I still use the
Aloe Vera products every day, I wouldn't be without them and I still avoid
triggers. I find mine last about 6 weeks.
best wishes and take care

Subject: aloe vera tablets

Please can you tell me how big the tablets are before I order any as I have trouble swallowing large tablets.

Hi Simon

thank you for your enquiry, the tablets are quite large as tablets go about 1.5 x 1 cm, you could always break them up or crush them if required though.

best wishes and take care


Hi! Me again. Since the vinyl blind bothered my skin so much, a friend has suggested an air purifier. He has one that they use for allergies. Do you think that would help?



Hi Barb

it's certainly worth trying as long as it does filter the air, you need to beware of some so called air purifiers that pump irritating perfumes into the air. I would leave the vinyl out of the house for now so you can isolate it as a trigger or not, you will need to give it maybe 3 weeks, I usually find.

best wishes and take care



I've received my new products, and find the info on triggers so helpful. I am having a bad breakout, (even my nose has swollen) and couldn't figure out why, until I read that fumes could cause problems. We have a new window blind and the smell bothered me so much that we put it outside for a few days. I bet the vinyl caused the breakout! Also, I am now checking my cereal for Niacin.

Many thanks for your help..


Yes quite possible let me know what triggers you isolate that helps you.

best wishes and take care



I have been using the Aloe Vera Gel for about 5 weeks now and have stopped Metrogel and Klaron. To my surprise, it really works. I also have incorporated micro dermabrasion treatments too. ( A type of mild skin peel) performed by a certified person. I never looked better and feel SOOooooo great now. I stay out of the sun, avoid my triggers and can't stop smiling:)

I have to thank you for having this website available. It takes alot of courage to try a new product after trying so many. My husband is very pleased that I am finally happy. It was hard on him to hear me put myself down because of my red face and shy away from social gatherings. He is in the military and we are constantly meeting new people and now I feel confident that I look my best. I am not worried anymore if people are looking at how red I am, because I know I look super.

Thanks alot for altering my life and I will continue to use your products for as long as you have them available.

A happy costumer in Texas!!!!!!!!!


Hi Mary

well I'm going round with a big grin on my face from your email, it really does cheer me to know you are having success and thank you so much for writing and telling me about it, it's a real boost of encouragement for me and others to read it, it will stay with me for a long time through good times and bad.

best wishes and take care


Ps I'll be here for ever so don't worry about supplies!

Dear kcn

Love your site and all the encouragement you give to fellow suffers - I often just go to the site just so I know that there are other people who are facing this problem with dignity and hope.

I sent you an order yesterday (first class) for a complete regimen pack but have now realised that I have plenty of moisturiser left. I wonder if you could replace the moisturiser for another tube of gel (which I use 2ce a day and find really helps.)

I hope this doesn't 'muck you about' too much.

Many thanks again


just a thought.

still debating about whether to try the products..i would

like to try your gel when my current moisturiser runs out.

Not sure about the cleanser..unless i've missed something...but, no

one ever seems to mention water being a trigger!! For me, water

is the biggest trigger to a flareup. Nothing makes my face redder

than water, no matter what i cleanse or tone or moisturise with.

When i was first diagnosed with roseacea, i was told to never

use water on my face again. Would others agree with this?? i

use water now and then if i want to feel 'squeaky clean' before

moisturiser, and i cant say that avoiding water has made my skin

better. but its certainly worse when i do use it.

I think this has to do with chlorine content in the tap water. thats

why i never go to swimming pools..i may as well pour acid on my

face if i was going to do that!

however i did try washing my face with bottled water for a while,

and it made no difference.

Im still searching for the perfect product. I use Fade Away cream

at night and it goes a long way to reducing redness and inflammation..

i only wish i could use it daytime, but it doesnt go too well under

makeup. that is the problem i have found with products containing

vitamin k..they seem a bit harsh on any drier areas.

btw has anyone tried Estee Lauder Verite calming lotion, or any

of the Origins range for sensitive skin?? i would be interested

to hear before i try consider splurging out!!


Hi Laura

yes good point about water, I just recommend cleansing infrequently as a general rule but of course hypersensitivity is a symptom like all symptoms that vary from person to person. If you wish to try one of my products perhaps the moisturiser would be best for you? We'll see what replies we get to your other queries next update.

best wishes and take care


Subject: hormonal sin sufferer
im a 32 year old woman that has devolped acne vulgaris after the birth of my first
child. i went through the dreaded teens with a wonderfull complexsion, but
since the birth of my daugter,my hormones have gone into overdrive. i know
for certain that i am producing an excess of androgens, i have been to the
doctor, they first put me on antibiotics, then they put me on dianette ,
both worked but i had to stop taking them as i allso have become totaly
chemicaly intolernt and suffer bad side affects. i only get spots on my
though , why now, this is realy getting me down now. i read on your site
aloe vera works, please please could you tell me more about this, is the
juise best or capsules, and which make do i buy, i have tried homeophatics
and that has not helped. please please can you help as i am now getting
desperate. viktoria

Hi Viktoria I find my complete regimen as described on the site < works best of all my products for the sensitive skin of rosacea, I do get good feedback for acne vulgaris too. For acne vulgaris just on your face ask
your doctor about a combination topical cream like benzamycin remember you
shouldn't be getting pregnant or breast feeding while taking some acne vulgaris
medications particulary isotretinoin, which is available in another topical
cream with erythromycin. I've included info on rosacea below see if it's
any help, I hope so.
best wishes and take care
hello again Webmaster..
this is Laura, i'm on a different address now.
i need some more help!!
its great that aloe vera is helping so many of you... but im still
not getting the desired results. if anything, it makes my skin
look redder when initialy i put it on, and i cant use it under
makeup as it just goes scaly.
i am just wondering on your opinion on the ingredients in the gel
i am using. although there is 100% pure aloe vera gel
there is also .. Acrylates, Panthenol, Disodium EDTA, sodium
hydroxide, phenoxyethanol, methylparaben, ethylparaben, butylparaben.
none of these ingredients mean anything to me ! i am wondering i could
be reactive to any of these, if not then i guess the gel is not for
me and i should just continue taking aloe vera orally.
do all aloe gels contain these products or are there any purer ones?
what does yours contain?? i guess some of these ingredients must
be preservatives....
Panthenol is used a lot in haircare..i am wondering if that could
be an irritant.
on another note. im getting more and more fedup spending a fortune
trying all sorts of skin care. have other readers noticed, why
is most skin care for sensitive skin always labelled 'sensitive/dry'????
dont they realise you can have sensitive/combination (like myself)
or sensitive/ oily, or just plain sensitive/reactive/allergic/ weather
call it what you will?!!!! inevitably i often
find myself forking out for new products labelled Suitable for sensitive
and/or dry, only to find i look like a chip pan or my
pores get clogged and i get blemishes...a lot of these products
are far too heavy and so only add to the irration!!!
ive found the right makeup (although the search is always on for
better and better!) but without the right products (ie cleanser
and or toner, and moisturiser, no amount of foundation or concealer
is going to look that good)
i m fed up of spending a small fortune on a product i have to stop
at least i didnt spend a fortune on the aloe, i can use it as a body
lotion instead as my skin is less sensitive on my arms and legs.

Hi Laura great to hear off you again.

I know how you feel I have spent money I could ill afford over the years on all sorts of stuff, but in the end it's been worth it thank god. Panthenol could well be irritating, I've attached the webpage that has the list of ingredients in it, see what you think. Have you tried the allergenics moisturiser and cleanser? Is the make up you found a new on in addition to the boots no7 you recommend on the just tips page?

best wishes and take care


Subject: acne vulgaris



Hi thank you so much for writing, we all understand exactly how you feel, your feelings are an understandble reaction to a very distressing and isolating disease that you quite rightly point out is underestimated in it's consequences. My best advice is to print out your email and take it along to your Doctor on friday with other written notes about how your acne vulgaris is affecting you. After reading the above in my opinion it would be negligent of your Doctor NOT to refer you to a Dermatologist at your hospital. Once you see the Dermatologist you may wish to discuss Isystemic Isotretinoin with him/her (have a look at some of the links on my links page). Let me know how you get on at the Doctors and in the mean time ask him/her for a topical treatment Isotrexin a combination of erythromycin and isotretinoin it may make your skin appear worse in the short term as it clears the matter out of the pores but should prove effective. Also you acne vulgaris causing bacteria (and it's nothing to do with washing) may be resistant to the oxytetracycline so ask your Doctor for oral erythromycin or other antibiotics instead to use in conjunction with the Isotrexin.

best wishes and take care


Subject: Sebhorric Dermatitis
I was wondering do you have any information on sebhorric dermatitis and


Hi Fiona
many find my Aloe Vera products (ie the gel) good for seb derm that often
accompanies rosacea and you could also try an antifungal cream called
Daktarin from your chemists.
best wishes and take care

Subject: Inquiry


I am in a very bad outbreak. I got too much sun and now I am itchy, very painful, and puffy.

The pharmacist suggested aloe vera gel. It stung like crazy.

Do you have any suggestions?


Hi Janet

there are many products containing Aloe Vera, I have tested dozens and have only found a couple to be suitable, the current AloePura gel and Aloe99 gel that I used to stock, and the Allergenics range that I know stock. If your gel is not one of the above I would recommend trying mine, there is no guarantee but it really does help many people. You could also try wetting your face first and then applying the gel, or applying the gel leaving for a while for the healing properties to absorb and then rinse off your understandably very sensitive skin and hopefully as the Aloe Vera helps your skin to calm you can then leave on. I hope the following info is of help to you.

best wishes and take care


Thank you very much for the swift delivery of the aloe Vera products. They feel very soothing to the skin. I am now only on day two of the treatment & hope to see results soon.
I would also like to ask other rosacea sufferers if they have a problem with odemea (water retention) particularly of the ankles. This is a problem that I also suffer from severely and it started at the same time as the rosacea. Perhaps this is just coincidence and I do get medical treatment for this separately , but I am curious as to whether there is a connection or not. Could you pose this as a question to people on your web site please??
Thanks again for your help.

Dear kcn

I'm responding to your appeal for info on sun block. So far this summer
I've been using "Clarins Oil free suncare spray" (factor 15), which claims
to be dermatologically tested and non-comedogenic. It warns that it
contains oxybenzone, but this doesn't seem to be on your list of
comedogenics or irritants. It hasn't caused any noticeable problems to my
skin. However, I have to admit this is a little hard for me to judge as
I'm going through some bad times with my acne vulgaris generally at the moment. It
is v. easy to apply and really doesn't feel in the least bit greasy at
all. The down sides are that it contains some odd smelling perfume, and is
a little bit pricey. The other main ingredients are:

Aloe, Ayapana, Silver Birch (astringent, decongest, repair, Camellia,
Shea, Mimosa Tenuiflora!

The web-address is:


Hope this helps


Dear kcn

Thanks for the web site.To read messages from people just like me is so supportive.You are helping so many people, organising it.

I received the gel,cleanser and moisturiser and wash 6 weeks ago and would like to share my experiences. Im pleased with the results especially dryness of my skin. Redness decreased, but only if I use the barest minimum of products, if I overdo it , it flares me up - especially the gel. So I use the tiniest amounts on wet skin for best results.

My history is : rosacea for maybe 17 years. Had some gems of comments from people, my favourite being when I was nursing...."Oh, um, excuse me asking....but is your,er, skin condition infectious? because we dont want Mother to catch it" You couldnt blame the relatives, really, they were concerned for their Mum --- but it did hurt !

Tried antibiotics from GP over the years, not much good for me, as it suppressed the acne vulgaris, but made me redder.

Now the good news !! One day, 2 years ago, I was cheesed off at one too many comments from "helpful" shopkeepers.........( ooh, you shouldnt sit in the sun like that ! etc. ) and I went in desperation to a homeopath recommended by a friend. Has been marvelous, it has taken 2 years but the results have been stunning.

I still tend to be a bit red in the face ( hence my joy at finding your site and products ) but my eye and ear symptoms which really were getting in the way of my life, have cleared completely. I used to get continuous styes, red sore eyes. My ear canals so, so itchy and dry, leading to episodes of otitis externa ( ear canal infection) which is incredibly painful. These days I carry 3 homeopathic remedies to use if I need them. I havent had to use any for about 8 months but its reassuring to know I have them by me.Completely symptom free all that time !!!!!

If theres one thing convinced me it works, at the beginning I had a flare up of otitis externa, which would normally have sent me off for 2 antibiotics at the GP and a trip to A and E to get my ears cleaned of dose of belladonna made me better. If any of you would like to try homeopathy, it would be of little use me telling you my remedies as homeopathy is tailor made to the remedies may not be right for for cost....its been lots cheaper than paying for prescriptions !! I cant recommend it enough !!!!

Now I would like to add 3 recommendations :Got this one after trawling through a USA site.....never, never use eye make up removers of any sort as they have way too strong chemicals in them. Same goes for waterproof mascara. Mascara used to irritate me dreadfully but I used to use it when going out and suffer for it.... now I use Maybelline Full 'n' soft mascara which washes off in water....great no irritation.

Clinique cosmetics will replace the cost of the item if you are too sensitive for it Finally Suntan stuff..N.ivea childrens sun block lotion 35 is soothing....superdrug often have it 1/2 price in summer....Sun being one of my biggest triggers.

Thanks for listening, kcn GOOD LUCK TO ALL Love P.J.

Dear kcn,

I just had to vent my feelings to someone this morning and who better than to people who understand how I'm feeling. After a weekend of sunshine, when my husband and I went for a long walk (with sunscreen on, and mostly in the shade), I still managed to get sunburnt across my cheeks and nose. Apparently, I now find out that this is possibly due, not only to my fair skin, but also the oxytetracycline that I'm taking for rosacea makes your skin more sensitive to sunlight. Great!!

So, I'm now in work and if anyone else says to me "Oh, ha, ha, you've been sunbathing with your sunglasses on!" (1. I haven't been sunbathing, and 2. I haven't been wearing sunglasses), I'm sure I'll punch them (and I'm not a violent person). And do people seriously think they're funny calling me "Rosie". It's only Monday morning and already I feel like going home. Why is it that when I get sunburnt, the bits underneath my eyes stay white? Is this nature's way of having a joke?

Thanks for listening.


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